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Single-Family Home Restoration in Wood Brings Together the Old and the Modern!

Finding space is often the biggest constraint when it comes to home and interior design. We are always on the lookout for ideas that maximize limited space and the Risalleen House designed by R21 Arkitekter in Oslo is one that sees an aging home being revamped and extended into multiple single-family residences. The idea not only saves precious square footage, but also cuts back on construction costs and creates living environments that are beautiful, well-lit and modern. Creating a dashing blend of the past and the present, clean contemporary interiors in white and wood and coupled with gabled roof form, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Three new single-family homes in Oslo integrate the old with the new

The two new single-family homes on the lot feel like an extension of the renovated old building and in its new form, each of the houses gets its own backyard and private deck. On the inside, a living area that is spread across different levels greets you. The living and sitting space are connected with the garden visually using glass doors while the kitchen and the dining sit in the rear on an elevated platform. The bedrooms occupy the upper levels of the house and provide complete privacy.

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Each of the three houses has its own private garden and small deck
Finding the right balance between modernity and classic design for family home
Multi-level living area of the house with kitchen and dining space on an elevated platform
Vertical Baubuche laminated beech wood exterior of the house
View of the deck outside and the garden from the living space

Color becomes a part of the living space thanks to the bright, green couch that sits at the heart of it all and a lovely yellow painting on the wall. Greenery along with ample natural light put the final touches on these fabulous and welcoming modern Scandinavian homes. [Photography: Åke Eson Lindman]

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Wood and glass shape the house and transform it completely
Bright couch and wall art bring color to an otherwise neutral living room in wood and white
Closer look at the glass and wood home exterior
Delightful use of glass and wood to shape lovely modern single-family houses

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