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Green Design: Two Shipping Containers Turned into Budget Art Studio in New York

Many across the world just celebrated Earth Day in the best possible way they could, even while staying indoor and safe. Ironically, the global pandemic that stuck us hard has probably helped the planet heal and rejuvenate in the last 8 weeks with large scale shutdowns in many nations across the world. But soon, we would be back to our usual lives (we are hoping that would be sooner than later) and that means our need to live a greener, more planet-friendly lifestyle is one that still needs action. One way of doing this by turning towards alternative ideas like shipping container structures – an idea that has shaped this beautiful and unique Art Studio in Hamptons, New York by MB Architecture.

Old shipping containers turned into a lovely backyard art studio in New York

Crafted using two reused shipping containers that costed no more than just $2500 after delivery, the gorgeous art studio is as space-conscious and eco-friendly as it is easy on purse strings. A 9-foot foundation as laid on which the two shipping container were erected to create the art studio where the lower level is used as a painting studio and the upper level functions as modest sitting area and office space. With a dark charcoal exterior, the studios blends into the lush green backdrop after sunset while the glass walls connect it visually with the outdoors.

Painting Studio on the lower level in white with double-height ceiling and plenty of open space
Serene interior of the shipping container art studio with a view of the greenery outside
Work and sitting area on the upper level of the shipping container art studio in New York
View from the staircase turns the walls on the lower level into a lovely art gallery-styled display
Painting the art studio black allows it to blend in with the landscape after sunset
Glass walls give those inside the studio an inspirational view of the greenery outside

On the inside, it is a monochromatic white backdrop that takes over and the double-height studio on the lower level gives it a spacious and cheerful visual appeal. Economic, sustainable and inventive, this shipping container studio is one we could all borrow from for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Elevated base of the shipping container art studio gives it fabulous vantage points
Reused shipping containers painted black to create modern New York art studio
Making of the Art Studio in New York using old shipping containers
Floor plan and elevation of the modern art studio made from old shipping containers
Design plan of the Art Studio in context of the home and woods all around

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