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Shingle-Style Californian Home Blends Natural Majesty with Modernity

Taking cues from local architecture and the buildings cherished past, the Marin County Residence was designed by Walker Warner Architects to create a bridge between two different eras. The exterior of the house and its overall silhouette mimic the form of a classic shingle-style residence that is all too common in this part of California. It also gives the homeowners a sense of nostalgia as they are constantly reminded of their previous, more traditional home on the same lot. Replacing the old structure with a more modern, functional and light-filled home and a pool house, the projects also does its best to preserve the natural landscape around it.

Contemporary Marin County Residence with shingle-style architecture

A lovely walkway, tall oak trees and a dashing breezeway welcome you at this exquisite Californian home. The Breezeway perfectly captures the relaxing, light-hearted spirit of the house even as it offers a stunning view of the mountainous countryside beyond. An open floor plan living brings air of modernity to the house while the decorative pieces and color palette usher in a much more traditional vibe. Color scheme inside the house is largely neutral with off-white, cream and brown holding their own in every room. Accent hues come in the form of light, relaxing blues and natural greens.

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Open plan living area with striped rug and classic appeal
Fabulous patio and sunroom provide a wonderful outdoor living space
Gorgeous traditional kitchen with a custom island that features wooden countertop
Gorgeous way to decorate with books and vases
Breezy dining room of the traditional Californian home
Amazing views of the landscape from the balcony of the Marin County Home

Thanks to the more open design, the splendid house now is filled with plenty of natural light and the outdoor patios and pergola sitting spaces become an integral part of the interior. A pleasant residence that feels more like a serene holiday escape. [Photography: Matthew Millman]

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Look inside the Marin County House in California
Pergola with gorgeous lighting and relaxing seating next to the pool
Exquisite family home in Marin County with shingle-style architecture
View of the leafy outdoors and walkways around the Californian home

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