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Indigo Style: All About Shibori Dyeing

From hand-dyed DIY projects to textiles in shades of indigo, Shibori is making a splash in the world of design. Yet this interesting craft showcases an ancient Japanese dyeing technique rather than a new trend, and there’s much more involved than the use of indigo. Read on and learn about Shibori dyeing, as well as how top brands are incorporating the tradition into their designs. In the last section of the post, you’ll even discover easy DIY techniques so you can try out the process at home…

About Shibori

As important a role as dyeing plays when it comes to Shibori is the process of manipulating the fabric. Before the textiles are submerged in dye, they can be folded, twisted, stitched, clamped, bunched with twine or rubber bands, and even wrapped around poles! The dye will resist any area where the fabric is constricted or covered, creating lovely designs.

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Shibori streak pillow from Urban Outfitters

While indigo is by far the preferred dye color for Shibori projects, rosy shades such as rusty coral and fuchsia are making an appearance as well. When it comes to the fabric of choice, synthetic textiles will not take the dye as well as natural fabrics. Linen and cotton are popular choices.

Cotton Shibori curtain from Urban Outfitters

Here are a few more Shibori offerings currently available for purchase. Whether you’re looking for pillows, blankets, wall hangings or napkins, Shibori designs can add an eclectic, earthy element to your interior. No wonder this look is so compatible with Bohemian-inspired spaces. Keep in mind that not all “Shibori” finds are created using true Shibori techniques. If you’re looking for authenticity and a chance to try out the process at home, you’ll love the next section, which is filled with interesting Shibori DIY projects. For now, let’s go shopping, shall we?…

Velvet Shibori pillow from Anthropologie
Graham Keegan Blue Shibori Tapestry from Urban Outfitters
Shibori-Printed Edlyn Bed from Anthropologie
Shibori bath mat from Urban Outfitters
Shibori-inspired sofa from Anthropologie
Shibori duvet cover from Urban Outfitters
Shibori hamper from Urban Outfitters

If you’re itching to try a Shibori project of your own, check out our stunning DIY roundup below!

Shibori DIY Projects

From comprehensive processes to quick and easy projects, the DIY ideas that follow are filled with Shibori wonder. For a thorough Shibori DIY using authentic ingredients, this tutorial from Common Thread will pique your interest. Lovely and detailed!

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Shibori DIY tutorial from Common Thread

This next Shibori Tie-Dye Napkin Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess uses pre-made dye packs to make the process easier. The use of cardboard dye-resist shapes here is also intriguing. We think you’ll agree that the results are stunning:

DIY Shibori napkins from A Beautiful Mess
Shibori napkins from A Beautiful Mess

This Indigo Dyed Blanket from Paper & Stitch is perfect for picnics. Plus, we’re loving the clean lines:

Indigo dyed blanket from Paper & Stitch

Bright fuchsia is the color of these Naturally Dyed Shibori Pillowcases from Camille Styles. The rosy hue is created from cochineal, and the round markings are made with the help of rubber bands. Get the DIY details here.

DIY Shibori pillowcases from Camille Styles

The pillowcases below were created by Red House West, and the blog’s handy tutorial illustrates a range of Shibori techniques, including pole wrapping!

Shibori pillowcase DIY from Red House West

For even more Shibori pillowcase fun, check out the creations of Leif Oh Leif. While actual indigo wasn’t used, a combination of dyes creates a picture-perfect effect:

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Shibori DIY from Leif Oh Leif

Speaking of dye, there are dyeing kits on the market to help you with your Shibori endeavors. This Indigo & Shibori Natural Dye Kit from Anthropologie includes a range of supplies, such as clamps, cotton cord and a bandana.

Indigo and Shibori kit from Anthropologie

For another popular choice (that happens to be budget-friendly), this kit will get the job done. Wishing you an enjoyable crafting experience! Not in the mood to make your own Shibori items? Good thing there are plenty of shopping options at the ready. Enjoy!

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