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8 Cool and Quirky Seasonal Wares

It is often the little things that make a home: from objects d’art to ceramics and lighting. Cool and quirky, the following wares provide just a few ideas for the season.

Little Bird

Jan Christian Delfs designed the ‘Little Bird’ for Normann Copenhagen. Turned from solid oak and available in an assortment of sizes and colours, every curious Little Bird is defined by its small beak. Personable and fun, the Little Bird family represents an expressive cast of winsome characters.

The Little Birds in oak offer a classic Scandinavian look. Image © 2017 Normann Copenhagen ApS.
A colourful family of Little Birds. Image © 2017 Normann Copenhagen ApS.

Mormor Egg Cups

From a Scandinavian perspective, what is better than a soft boiled egg, butter and salt for breakfast? Designed by Gry Fager for Normann Copenhagen, the Mormor egg cups are part of a larger tableware collection by the designer. Mormor—meaning ‘Grandmother’ in Danish—has a distinctive pattern that is both traditional and modern in appearance. Perfect as an egg cup, the Mormor egg cup will also make an ideal individual butter dish—just add butter and a pinch of salt.

Mormor egg cups. Image © 2017 Normann Copenhagen ApS.
Mormor egg cup with butter and salt. Image © 2017 Normann Copenhagen ApS.

Tanizaki Sake Set

In celebration of the Japanese cherry blossom season (currently at its peak across eastern and western Japan), OTHR has launched the artistic Tanizaki Sake Set. Designed by New York-based architect and designer Marc Thorpe, the sake set elegantly combines a flask and cup, both made in 3D printed porcelain. The set is named after Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, one of Japan’s most creative authors. Read more about OTHR and its work here.

Clean pouring with the Tanizaki sake flask. Image courtesy of OTHR.
The poetic Tanizaki Sake Set. Image courtesy of OTHR.

Bronze Lustre Rim Ceramics

Despite their delicate appearance, the bronze lustre rim vases and vessels from Kirsty Adams Ceramics, are fired three times in order to attain their strong shape and glossy sheen. The fine pieces are inspired by the simplicity of classic Japanese ceramic forms and the traditional Japanese ‘Oribe’ style of glazing.

Bronze lustre rim posy vases
Bronze lustre rim posy vases. Photo by Michael Lawler © Kirsty Adams Ceramics.
Bronze lustre rim vessel. Photo by Matthew Booth © Kirsty Adams Ceramics.


‘Moment’ was designed by Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland, for Danish brand Hay. An inventive candleholder, Moment snuffs out the candle just before the wick burns out. In creating Moment, Lars was inspired by his discovery of a 19th century candle extinguisher. As the sun fades on a long summer’s day, Moment will provide a warming afterglow.

The candle burning stages of the Moment candleholder. Image courtesy of Hay.
The Moment candleholder is crafted in cast-iron. Image courtesy of Hay.


Designed by Verner Panton in 1972, the Wire table lamp from Verpan is a quirky classic. With its cylindrical steel frame and yellow shade (also available in white), the Wire light provides a flashy pop of sunshine.

Verpan Wire 40cm with a bright yellow shade. Image © Verpan.
Verpan Wire with yellow and white shades. Image © Verpan.

Lambert and Bunny

The perfect sidekicks to spring, Lambert and Bunny are delightful, lovable and idiosyncratic Hoptimist characters. Regarded as part of a great Danish design legacy, the Hoptimists are made in Denmark, where they are assembled by hand.

Lambert in white and dark grey. Image  © 2017 Hoptimist ApS.
Lambert in light red and Bunny in dark grey. Image  © 2017 Hoptimist ApS.


Another outing from the Hoptimist brand, the Smiley collection is a joint venture between Hoptimist and the Smiley brand. With their exaggerated, happy faces and varied looks, these Smiley emoticons will have you smiling with pleasure (or sneering at their excessive joy).

The Smiley family are Smile, Wink, Blush, Cool and Love. Image  © 2017 Hoptimist ApS.

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