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Nordic Inspiration: Exquisite Scandinavian Apartment in White

It is barely a surprise that Scandinavian style and design are constantly topping the trends chart across the globe, regardless of everything else around them being in a constant state of flux. It is the inherent simplicity and practicality of Scandinavian design that makes it so very special, and with modern homeowners longing for a blend of minimal aesthetics and relaxing ambiance, the style seems even more appropriate for contemporary homes. Conceptualized by IMAGE BOX STUDIOS, the Norwegian apartment encapsulates everything elegant, timeless and exquisite about Scandinavian design at its cheerful best!

Brick accent wall in the Scandinavian living room

White is color of choice here, with the design making space for large windows that usher in abundant natural light. The living space also brings along with it ample textural contrast without ever breaking the color scheme, thanks to the whitewashed brick wall, décor in wood and natural timber, and of course, the polished white backdrop. Furniture also embraces a Nordic aesthetic, and functionality precedes form, even as the lovely corner fireplace provides a cozy focal point for a generous conversation and reading nook.

Large windows usher in ample natural light

Scandinavian apartment design in white

Simple stools used as side tables in the Scandinavian living space

Corner fireplace in the living room in white

Dining space next to the living room with wishbone chairs

Staircase leading to the main living area and dining space

Simple and geometric style pendants for the living room and dining area

L-shaped Scandinavian kitchen in white with corner seating and dining space

Light-filled Scandinavian dining area with wishbone chairs and wooden table

The dining room next to the living area becomes one with the L-shaped kitchen that uses black countertops to offer visual contrast. Open corner shelves and a series of cabinets afford plenty of storage space in a kitchen that does not use the clichéd formula of a large island at its heart. A cozy corner banquette that doubles as a cool relaxation zone completes this space in style. Following the footsteps of the living area, the bedroom is also clad in white, with a clean-lined workstation and a corner fireplace giving it a unique aura. Simple and yet refined, there is plenty of inspiration on offer here for anyone who wishes to go down the Scandinavian path.

Corner breakfast zone, dining space and kitchen rolled into one

Brick wall backsplash for the cool Scandinavian kitchen

Cozy corner sitting niche in the kitchen

Corner shelves and cabinets for the stylish Scandinavian kitchen

Kitchen workstation in black and white

Sliding door clad in chalkboard paint next to the small sitting nook in the kitchen

Corner fireplace for the bedroom

Smart Scandinavian bedroom in white

Spacious Scandinavian bedroom design in white with small workstation

Scandinavian bedroom idea with small workstation

Sherry Nothingam
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