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Rugged Landscape of Whidbey Island Houses this Rustic Family Retreat

Whidbey Island, north of Seattle is a gorgeously rugged refuge that combines beaches, green rolling hills and farmlands – all sitting right next to one another. It is cloaked in one such forested lot of the island that the understated and rustic Whidbey Farm sits. The beautiful vacation escape sits on top of a small hill and overlooks the nearby pond, farmlands and the hills just beyond. But the true beauty of this eco-friendly home designed by mwworks is the way the building intertwines with the existing flora and does not disturb the forest too much. Rooms meander their way through tall cedar and fir trees and the floor plan was adjusted to specifically ensure that the forest feels like a part of the overall narrative.

Sheltered entrance to the Whidbey farm with cedar and fir trees all around

On the outside you see the materials that have been used to shape this modern-rustic holiday home – a dark metal frame, lots of glass, weathered wood that will age ever so beautifully and concrete that brings strength. Small stone walls also add to the traditional appeal even as the large glass walls and sliding doors create seamless indoor-outdoor connectivity. Large covered decks and patios all around the house allow the homeowners to enjoy the many sights and sounds outside even as they remain sheltered.

Dark metal, stone and glass combined to create a gorgeous modern rustic home
Wooden interior and exterior of the house in wood give it a cozy, warm appeal
Large covered deck outside the house surrounded by large cedar and fir trees
Brilliant use of glass walls bring in the scenic landscape outside
Look at the open plan living area of the Whidbey Farm with stone fireplace and floor-to-ceiling glass windows

The most impressive feature of the house is the amazing way in which the floor-to-ceiling glass walls give the impression of a life in the forest – whether you are cooking in the kitchen, resting next to the stone fireplace in the living space or even as you rest in the bedroom after a lovely day outside. With wood, stone and concrete you never feel that the home is too modern and yet all the comforts of urban lifestyle can be found in here. [Photography: Kevin Scott]

Dining area of the house with rustic style and glass walls all around
Folding glass doors connect the bedroom with the greenery outside
Design of modern rustic bedroom and bathroom inside the island vacation home
Firepit next to the home overlooks the pond and the forest in distance
Natural landscape on the island becomes a part of the house thanks to glass walls

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