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Rustic Modern Attic Apartment Renovation Oozes Parisian Panache!

There is something endearingly timeless and classy about Parisian style that always holds our attention, even when adapted to a rustic-modern interior that is short on space. This beautiful and inviting apartment in Ivry-sur-Seine, France was renovated and given a new lease on life by Prisca Pellerin after years of neglect left it simply untenable for residence. The revitalized apartment now proudly showcases a white and gray sheen, where a single, neutral hue aims to reduce delineation of space visually, even as contrasting textures provide the necessary contrast. It is a brilliant transformation, one that leaves you mesmerized with its sheer ingenuity and exquisiteness!

Fabulous living space full of textural beauty

The design of the new apartment relies on subtle tricks, smart planning, unassuming décor and ample sunlight to overcome the challenge of a low, sloped roof that might otherwise make one feel a touch claustrophobic. Exposed wooden beams, brick wall sections, polished concrete and wooden floors, and a hint of glossy modern glint ensure that there is no sense of monotony here. A lack of traditional partitions and a long corridor that leads one directly from the living area to the bedroom add to this sense of unhindered space.

A small bathroom with a corner shower space and custom vanity, a minimal bedroom and an ergonomic, space-savvy kitchen and dining area complete this Parisian apartment that relies on a flood of natural light and greenery to freshen up the atmosphere indoors. [Photography: Hugo Hébrard photographe d’architecture]

Timber beams and exposed brick wall sections combined with curated finishes inside the apartment

Polished concrete, wood, brick and other contrasting finishes inside the fabulous Parisian apartment

Rustic modern home renovation in Ivry-sur-Seine, France

Design of the revamped apartment brings in ample natural light

Light-filled dining area and kitchen make most of the space on offer

Rustic contemporary apartment renovation in Paris

In order to create a warm and cocooning place, walls and sub-slopes are clothed in white and light gold grey. According to the path of the sun, the choice of textures (brick, gloss, matte and satin paint, polished concrete, leather and suede…) creates a dynamic play of shadows and lighting throughout the day, and strengthens the feeling of space, highlighting the sculptural structure.

Skylight brings sunlight into the small kitchen

White and shades of gray dominate the smart French apartment renovation

Simple and minimal bedroom inside Habiter sous les toits by Prisca Pellerin

Small bathroom design full of sunlight

Renovated rustic modern apartment in Paris

Custom, one of a kind bathroom vanity for the small bathroom

Hint of greenery inside the small bathroom

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