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Rosemary and Oranges: 2 Ingredients for Holiday Style

Looking for some last-minute holiday decorating ideas? We’ve got good news…a quick trip to the grocery store can result in two key ingredients that will jazz up your holiday menu AND become a part of your decor. The fresh scent of rosemary combines with the sweet fragrance of oranges to create a festive, delicious take on holiday style. Keep reading for all of the foodie details!

Rosemary and oranges make a lovely centerpiece

*Photos and styling by Kate Simmons for Decoist

Fragrant Rosemary

Ah, the aromatic allure of rosemary! This evergreen herb is holiday-perfect, thanks to its woodsy appearance and fragrance. No wonder so many rosemary trees and topiaries sell at this time of the year!

Rosemary adds a fragrant holiday touch

Not only is rosemary great for decorating, it makes a lovely gift. Present rosemary in an eye-catching pot, or tie a ribbon around a bundle of the cut herb, creating a little bouquet.

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Give the gift of a rosemary bouquet

A muslin bag filled with rosemary makes a festive gift, especially for the foodie who loves to embellish the menu with herbs:

A rosemary bouquet makes a lovely gift

Colorful Oranges

From herbs to citrus, we now take a look at a popular piece of produce that’s packed with holiday style. Oranges add a burst of color to your palette, especially when combined with other hues such as deep green and festive red:

Happy Holidays from Decoist

Some people dot oranges with cloves for an extra holiday touch, while others prefer to display them in a bowl. After all, an orange makes a delicious snack, so you can eat your centerpiece little by little, gradually replacing the oranges as they’re consumed.

Oranges are holiday-perfect

For a special holiday arrangement, try combining oranges and rosemary in a white bowl. The look is abundant, wintery, and scrumptious. Plus, the fragrance of the citrus and the herb will combine for some wonderful aromatherapy!

Oranges and rosemary

Cocktail Fun

Last but not least, oranges and rosemary make amazing holiday garnishes when it comes to cocktails! Grab an orange from your centerpiece and slice it. Add a sprig of rosemary, and you’re set. Be sure to wash both well before preparing and serving.

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Oranges and rosemary add foodie flair

The holiday cocktail below is simple yet colorful, thanks to the rosemary and orange garnishes, plus a cherry on top! An Italian liqueur such as Ramazzotti is dressed up with a splash or orange, a sprig of rosemary, and a cherry and orange wedge on a bamboo skewer:

Festive holiday cocktail

You can keep the recipe simple when the garnishes are this good. Doesn’t this concoction look like the holidays in a glass?!

A holiday cocktail

Speaking of keeping it simple, we hope today’s post has shown that two budget-friendly ingredients can combine to transform your holiday table while adding a big dose of style. Cheers to that!

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