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Vivacious Splash of Color and Pattern: Revamped Pizzeria in Valencia

Albabel is a reinvigorated pizzeria that you cannot help but fall in love with. A blend of Andalusian goodness and Mediterranean panache, this revamped pizzeria in Valencia was conjured up and brought to life in a spectacular fashion by Masquespacio. Giving this modest space a grand, vibrant and unique makeover has been the dream of its owner, Antonio Ramirez, for long. The new interior definitely does not disappoint with its inimitable mixture of modernity, cheerful zest, classic Andalusian design elements and custom décor that adds to the aura of the refreshed space!

Creative pizzeria in Valencia full of color and personality

It is unmistakable design elements from south of the country that give this brilliant delight in Valencia its unmatched appeal. Elements like raffia, earth bricks, plants and brightly colored tiles were utilized while modern and foreign building materials shunned creating an authentic, native vibe. Apart from the decorative elements one can also easily see how the use of bespoke chairs, benches and tables in olive wood elevates the style quotient of this eatery. Despite all the traditional Spanish flair, the pizzeria is filled with equally captivating modern elements like the ego patterns, Edison bulb lighting and smart ergonomics.

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Chairs and custom decor made from olive wood add to the Andalusian flavor of the pizzeria
Explosive pops of color and pattern shape revamped pizzeria in Valencia
Exquisite use of blue brings Mediterranean flavor to the Spanish pizzeria
Indoor plants, tiles and brick create a vivacious setting
Olive wood furniture gives the interior a local, Spanish vibe
Red brings brightness to the revamped pizzeria

Pops of bright maroon perfectly complement the more relaxing backdrop in white and blue with large windows bringing in ample natural light. The setting is both refreshing and intimate at the same time, creating the perfect hangout that combines color, flavor and a dash of nostalgia. [Photography: Luis Beltran]

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Relaxing and cheerful ambiance of the pizzeria with pops of bright color
Simple Edison bulbs combined with geometric patterns for lighting
Tiled background and natural light help fashion a stunningly unique pizzeria
Partitions filled with indoor plants bring freshness and style
Beautiful pendant fixtures elevate the whimsical appeal of the interior

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