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Renovated Stone House in Spain Fluidly Blends the Old with the New

We love homes that combine the old and the new in an efficient manner that still respects the past while giving structures a new lease of life. The Stone Respect by Dom Arquitectura in Spain is one such amazing residence where a dreary house in stone was given a new lease of life while creating welcoming and relaxing livings spaces. The idea behind the makeover was not just to transform the interior, but to usher in ample natural light and drive out dullness that was previously prevalent in the home. A couple of small openings were created to achieve this on the lower level while skylights and windows with metal frames light up the upper floor.

Gorgeous Stone Respect designed by Dom Arquitectura in Spain

The old chestnut wood window and door frames were replaced with sturdier metal features while stone collected from the demolished walls and other units was used to create a new interior in mortar and stone. The balance between various elements is absolutely gorgeous and wooden surfaces add warmth to these modern-rustic spaces with ease. It is the ground floor that contains the living area, kitchen and dining room along with other utility area while the upper level holds three bedrooms and bathrooms along with the master suite. A sensible and smart makeover where the outdoors also complement the stone-clad charm of the interior!

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Reclaimed stone shapes both the interior and exterior of the house
Skylight brings natural light into the upper level bathroom and bedroom
Cozy lighting and reclaimed stone walls create fabulous Spanish house with modern-rustic charm
Curated garden with stone charm for the modern Spanish House

The recovered stone forms the interior finished walls. In the ground floor they combined with ocher mortar, it generates a game as a baseboard with different heights, covering damaged stone areas and adapting to the interior space distribution. The result is a balanced interior finish where dominates the mortar ocher and stones colors.

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Exquisite upper level bedroom of the revamped Spanish House in stone with ample natural light
Lower level open plan living area with stone walls
Mortar and stone coupled to create lovely interior walls on the lower level
Revamped ground level floor plan of the renovated stone home in Spain

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