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25 Ingenious Ways to Bring Reclaimed Wood into Your Home Office

If you are a part of the ‘green wave’, then sustainable design is something that you might already be living with. Whether it’s roofing that is clad in photovoltaic panels that bring clean energy or a rainwater harvesting system that powers your water needs, a sustainable lifestyle is as beneficial to you as it is to the planet! But sustainability and green design are not just about cutting-edge technology that saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint. Reuse and recycle are a part of the mantra that help in ultimately reducing waste and creating a better tomorrow. And it is here that reclaimed wood comes in.

Reclaimed wood adds elegance and warmth to the contemporary home office [From: Meritage Homes]

Reclaimed wood is sustainable, adds character, uniqueness and warmth to modern interiors. In some homes, it brings a sense of history and nostalgia. Some might use it in the form of a lovely accent wall, while others could bring home the barn door and give it a modern upgrade. But have you thought about bringing it into your home office? If you are searching for inspiration, then we have a delightful roundup of 25 home offices that lead the way when it comes to creatively embracing the magic of reclaimed wood. Read on!

An Exquisite Accent Wall

The easiest way to add reclaimed wood to the home office is undoubtedly the accent wall. It does not disturb the existing style or color palette of the room, even when adding a dashing focal point. A feature wall crafted from reclaimed wood also allows you to add natural texture to a setting dominated by polished stone, glass and other man-made elements. It is important to remember that the color, grain and finish of reclaimed wood can vary greatly, and the existing color scheme of the room dictates your choice of wood.

Accent wall crafted from reclaimed wood is perfect for the industrial home office [Design: Blakely Interior Design]
Gorgeously lit shelves and reclaimed wood wall create a stunning midcentury modern home office [From: Vanillawood]

In home offices draped in neutral hues, a reclaimed wood accent wall that has a dark, rough finish is a great choice, as it offers everything the room lacks. Add in a couple of floating shelves or turn to strip LED lighting to ensure that this new wooden wall becomes the showstopper of your serene home office.

Feature wall for the home office with reclaimed barn wood [Design: Matt Bear / Union Studio]
Home office accent wall crafted out of reclaimed barn wood [Design: Dan Calder Contractor]
Wood from old barn used to create accent wall in the home office [Design: Jane Vorbrodt Architect]
Reclaimed wood accent wall for the transitional home office [Design: BK Design Studio / Robert Elliott Custom Homes]

Bespoke Home Office Desks

Yes, you can even craft beautiful desks from reclaimed wood that offer precisely what you need both in terms of style and ergonomics. Combining pipes with reclaimed wood to create a rustic-industrial desk is an idea that is gaining steam, and if you are short on time (or lack the DIY skills), then a local craftsman can surely get the job done in no time. Matching shelves and cabinets crafted from the same wood create a more curated and coherent home office and give the room a distinct style of its own. If all this seems like too much work, you can always buy a live-edge table crafted from reclaimed wood instead.

Industrial home office desk and shelving unit crafted from pipes and reclaimed wood [Design: Rad Design]
Pipes, reclaimed wood and vintage crates used to create a lovely DIY work desk [Design: Urban Wood Goods]
Slab of reclaimed wood used to craft the desk in the home office [From: Phil Kean Designs / BUILDER Magazine]
Custom reclaimed wood desk for small home office [From: Urban Wood Goods]
Fun and colorful home office decorating idea [Design: Brooke Wagner Design]
Salvaged fir from an old whisky distillery brings warmth to the home office [From: Smith & Vansant Architects / Rob Karosis Photography]

Shelves Crafted from Reclaimed Wood

Much like the design of the desk, it is metal pipes and reclaimed wood that come together in many of these bespoke shelf designs. Surprisingly, most of these shelves look as much at home in modern home offices as they do in industrial and rustic settings. You can take either the freestanding shelf option here and opt for a design that gives you greater flexibility while redecorating or go down the route of fixed shelves that offer more in terms of storage space and space-savvy design. Add in a cozy window bench crafted from the same wood, and you have a fabulous home office that also allows you to rest and rejuvenate.

Space-savvy reclaimed wood open bookcase for the modern home office [From: Zin Home]
Tall and open reclaimed wood shelves for the beach style home office [From: Made Co Interiors]
Custom industrial shelf crafted from reclaimed wood planks and metal pipes [Design: Poor House Interior Design / Photography: Adrian Gregorutti]
Rustic home office draped in reclaimed barn wood [From: Haste Woodcraft]
Rustic window seat crafted from reclaimed wood for the home office [Design: Van Bryan Studio Architects / Carter Kay Interiors.]
Sustainable and rustic home office full of woodsy charm [From: Heller Construction / Photography: VanceFox.com]

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

Reclaimed wood planks for the home office floor not only give your home an ‘air of sustainability’ that you can be proud of, but also ensure that construction and renovation costs are cut down considerably. You can use the same approach to cover sections of the home office wall with reclaimed wood to give the interior a unique and inviting ambiance. When finding a new home for reclaimed wood, the home office offers a plethora of opportunities. All you need to do is invite it indoors!

Reclaimed beams, wood and stone shape a cozy, cabin-styled home office [From: Marie Meko]
Reclaimed metal and wood combine effectively in the rustic home office [Design: Lands End Development]
Modern home office with reclaimed wood flooring and a cool sliding barn door [Design: True American Grain]
Reclaimed wood planks used to create striking home office floor [From: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs]
Tropical home office and guest room brings in a hint of reclaimed wood magic [Design: Eduarda Correa Arquitetura & Interiores]
Attic home office with reclaimed wood wall and accents [Design: Moontower Design Build]

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