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Reclaimed Cedar Shingles Give this Small Dashing Home an Unmistakable Identity!

We do love a home that beats the mundane both with its silhouette on the outside and blend of styles on the inside. This unique and striking residence was designed by Studio 512 with an exterior that is completely and diligently clad in Cedar Shingles to give it a distinct identity. The idea was to create a contemporary home that not only appeared different from other houses, but also one that maximized available space even while keeping its overall footprint minimal. This is where the specially angled walls of the house come in mighty handy as they extend the available space on the second floor even as the residence itself has a 320 square foot presence.

Reclaimed cedar shakes cover modern Austin home

On the inside one finds a wonderful amalgamation of two styles that are separated by geography but united by design philosophy – Dutch and Japanese. The Hive creates a minimal, white and energetic interior where emphasis is placed as much on aesthetics as it is on ergonomics. Wooden shelves and cabinets along with a custom wooden staircase with charred cedar top steal the show on the inside and give it greater visual warmth.

Reclaimed cedar shingles cover this lovely home in Austin
White and Scandinavian style interior of the home in Austin
Angled walls create a unique and light-filled interior
Charred wooden steps for the modern staircase
Innovative lighting for the kitchen in white and wood
Staircase landing space turned into a tiny home workspace
Shingles and wood give this Austin home a unique look

It is the angled walls of the house that make the interior exceptional as well with each room having a different dimension. Smart lighting in the kitchen, space-savvy bedrooms with elegant walk-in wardrobes and smart bathrooms full of natural light complete a home that is both exquisite and one-of-a-kind. [Photography: Casey Dunn / Adam Schreiber]

Closet for the bedroom along with space-savvy design
Exposed copper pipes in the bathroom with textural walls
White and wood interior of the Austin home with ample storage
Bathroom in cement and wood with lovely natural lighting
Bedroom with slim shelving and angled walls

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