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Rattan Chair Design: 1 Chair, 3 Ways

Rattan is back! Didn’t you get the memo?! In all seriousness, there many reasons for a rattan resurgence, from a renewed interest in natural materials, to an appreciation for retro design. Not to mention, rattan pieces are versatile, blending in with modern, boho, eclectic, and vintage styles alike. Today we show you three ways to style a rattan chair. Our vignette features the Lily Rattan Arm Chair from Target, as well as CB2’s Shadow Circle Wall Mirror. By switching out a few key pieces in your setup, you can achieve three very different looks. Keep reading for all of the rattan chair design details…

White cushion on a rattan chair

*Photos and styling by Kate Simmons for Decoist

A Scalloped Pillow

Rattan chair with a scalloped pillow

Even the most modern of rattan chairs can be given a hefty dose of throwback style with a vintage-inspired pillow. Urban Outfitters’ Shelly Round Velvet Pillows feature radial stitching that channels the past and a velvety softness that’s very rooted in today’s design realm. Plus, a little bit of soft back support never hurts!

Round shell pillow from Urban Outfitters

Whether you keep things neutral with a hint of blush or go for a burst of bright color, a well-chosen pillow can add dimension and new life to your chair. Plus, a nearby houseplant will help evoke a tropical feel. The key is to instantly create a serene vibe with retro-modern flair. Mission accomplished:

Rattan chair in a blue room

A White Cushion

White cushion on a rattan chair

Pad your chair with a white cushion, and you have a comfortable seating option that also boasts a clean, crisp look. Because the padding is on the seat, the design of your chair still shines through, especially since the entire back is still in plain view. To go along with this fresh, modern look, try adding a tall vase featuring a large green leaf, such as monstera. Our greenery is a faux CB2 find–one of our favorite faux finds ever!

A monstera leaf adds a tropical vibe

Or skip the “plant on a side table” approach and place a belly basket at your feet. The look is earthy and relaxed, yet still modern. The Decorative Pop Up Belly Basket below is from Target. Its two-tone look adds a big dose of storage-friendly style to the vignette:

Earthy basket paired with a rattan chair

After all, you can’t deny the practical benefits of a large woven basket when it comes to reducing clutter!

Painted seagrass belly basket

Pure and Simple

Less is more design with a rattan chair

Our last featured look is all about letting the lines and curves of the chair take center stage. Call it a “less-is-more” approach. Easy does it for this minimalist look. No pillows or cushions. But we’re certainly not opposed to a colorful table nearby, especially if it features a healthy houseplant in a simple concrete planter:

Concrete planter on a neon table

We hope today’s post has given you plenty of rattan chair design inspiration. Cheers to easy-breezy style any season of the year!

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