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Range Hood Ideas to Fit In With Any Kitchen Design Style

A range hood is a crucial part of any kitchen you’re planning to do a lot of cooking in. Excluding pulling up food odors and controlling your house from stinking like whatever you’ve been cooking for hours, a range hood can be a stunning focal point of your space, adding a flair and elegance to your kitchen. What you will find here are some must-know facts and design styles regarding range hoods before choosing one.

We have also gathered 25+ beautiful designer kitchens to show you examples of just how sleek and extravagant a range hood can look.

Suit Your Space

When it comes to selecting a range hood you want something that is equal parts functional and fashionable. Begin by looking at the proportions. A typical design challenge with a range hood is that, functionally, they need to sit 30-36 inches above the range.

Photo Credit: Lucy and Company – A stainless steel French range hood with brass straps is fixed against gray marble cooktop tiles between windows and over a stainless steel oven range. The oven range sits between brown oak cabinets donning brass hardware a black marble countertop.

This can make the overall size of your hood extremely large depending on your ceiling height and the width of your range. While a range hood can be a lovely statement, you don’t want it to feel too hefty and ultimately take over your kitchen.

Photo Credit: Terracotta Studio – A gray range hood is fixed over a soapstone slab cooktop backsplash mounted over a stainless steel oven range flanked by green cabinets finished with nickel hardware and a white marble countertop.

An excellent way to avoid this is to have the hood vent out the wall rather than extending it to vent out the ceiling. This way, you can have a design that tapers at the top or front instead of a large rectangular block, making it feel more delicate.

Range Hood Ideas

You will want to consider the actual style you’re going for. Here is a quick list of the most popular styles:

  • Metal range hoods: A traditional, vintage feel that will stand the test of time; can also look great with industrial-style kitchens.
  • Wood-paneled range hoods: A bit more transitional but works with various styles and design tastes.
  • Drywalled range hoods: Modern and clean, especially when combined with stone or tile.

Things to Know About Different Styles and Materials

Range Hoods by Materials

Metal Range Hood

Metal range hoods are typically stainless steel. Details like rivets or grommets can be made of many different metal finishes and lend a more vintage or industrial feel. This style of range hood will have great emphasis because the finish is different from the surrounding cabinets. You will want to be careful not to let the scale become too overwhelming for the space.

Buying a metal hood that matches your range is the most straightforward route, but interior designers can help create custom hoods as well.

Photo Credit: Jane Beiles – Morgan Harrison Home – A stainless steel range hood is mounted against blue mosaic backsplash tiles and is positioned between windows and over a stainless steel range flanked by white drawers donning brass pulls and a white quartz countertop.
Photo Credit: The Studio Entourage – A cooking alcove is filled with a white La Cornue CornuFé 110 Range paired with glossy white tiles and brass sconces alongside a verdigris hood.

Wood Range Hood

You can purchase wood hoods individually online, finished or unfinished. Before you buy, take note of your hood blower insert and make sure it will fit safely inside your pre-built hood. If you’re doing a custom kitchen, these are generally built along with the rest of the cabinets to ensure the finishes and profiles match.

Photo Credit: Veneer Designs – Kitchen features a white plank range hood mounted on white quartz slab kitchen backsplash over a stainless steel Viking range flanked by pale gray cabinets.

Wood Range Hoods have also become a very popular DIY project, with many enthusiastic DIYers taking on these projects themselves. You can purchase a blower that you set it and build your own style of range hood around it.

Drywall Range Hood

Built out of the same drywall material as your walls, these hoods will have a hood blower installed inside. They’re often painted with unique treatments or plasters to emphasize their look. This is the type you see in California-style homes often, with a rustic-looking beam across the bottom.

Photo Credit: Micah and Co – A white range hood with reclaimed wood trim is fixed against a marble-look quartz backsplash over a stainless steel oven range flanked by light gray cabinets donning brass hardware and a white quartz countertop.
Photo Credit: Brad Ramsey Interiors – Kitchen features white cabinets with white and tan diamond pattern backsplash tiles and a white range hood.

Range Hoods By Style


Some prefer the hood to be entirely hidden. If that’s you, the concealed hood would be the best option. A concealed hood will be installed so it’s hidden by hanging cabinets. This type of hood is proper when you need to make the most of your kitchen space, and it also offers the opportunity for more storage when you don’t have as much.

Photo Credit: Reena Sotropa – Kitchen features charcoal gray cabinets with a dark gray marble curved range hood over honed light gray hexagon marble backsplash tiles and reeded walls.

Island Hood

While most stovetops are against the wall, the island hood is somewhat of a floating hood. It seems to be floating because it’s hanging over the island where the stovetop is present. This type of hood uses a chimney-like system when removing the fumes from the air while you’re cooking.

Photo Credit: Chairma – Traditional kitchen features a thermador island cooktop with double ovens under a range hood and a brown wooden island topped with white quartz.
Photo Credit: Mandy Chen Design – Spacious kitchen design features gray leather stools at a beige veneer center island with cooktop under a white range hood and floating shelves on herringbone tiles.


A mantle hood allows you to design a hood that fits in with the other design elements in your kitchen. This allows you to make the hood a key component of your kitchen renovation without sacrificing any piece of the overall design. Keep in mind this hood type gives you design freedom that you might not get with the other types of hoods that we’ve featured above.

Photo Credit: Thorpe Concepts – Kitchen features a light blue wooden kitchen hood over a stainless steel dual range on a gray and white marble look slab backsplash and blue cabinets accented with nickel pulls.
Photo Credit: LC Interiors – Kitchen features a brown wooden kitchen range hood and gray glazed grid tiles over a wolf range, flanked by with light taupe cabinets with oil-rubbed bronze pulls and a marble topped kitchen island.


If you don’t have kitchen cabinets surrounding your kitchen wall where the stovetop is, a chimney hood will work for you. This type of hood is attached directly to the wall.

Photo Credit: Pike Properties – White and gold French range hood designed at a cooktop designed with mosaic accent tiles, an antique swivel arm pot filler and a thermador dual range.

Depending on how you want things to look, you could have the hood reach entirely to the ceiling, or you could design it to have the same look and texture as the other cabinets in your kitchen.

No matter your style choice or design, installing a range hood in your kitchen will breathe new life and style into your cooking space. 

Here are some of our absolute design favorites:

Photo Credit: London Pierce Design – Transitional white and gold kitchen features stacked marble and brass shelves, white cabinets, blue wooden range hood over stainless steel oven and Eugene medium pendant in brass over a blue kitchen island topped with gray marble.
Photo Credit: Croma Design – A marble clad hood is fixed to a marble slab backsplash over a gas integrated cooktop fixed to a gray marble countertop finishing white cabinets.
Photo Credit: Digs Design Company – A light blue and gold French stove is flanked by inset white shaker cabinets donning with brass pulls and fixed beneath a white range hood lined with brass trim and positioned between by stacked cabinets.
Photo Credit; JLV Creative – A white range hood is fixed against a honed marble slab backsplash between windows and over an aged brass swing arm pot filler and a stainless steel dual range. A black marble countertop accents brown cabinets fitted with a trough sink and a brass gooseneck faucet.
Photo Credit: Leo Designs
Photo Credit: Martha O’Hara – Kitchen features a white wooden range hood with white glazed backsplash tiles with light gray grout, white cabinets and an aged brass deck mount faucet.
Photo Credit: Amy Storm – Kitchen features a dark brown wooden range hood with brass straps on white wall tiles lit by a brass sconce.
Photo Credit: DIY Craftsy – A brass dome range hood stands over a gray marble slab backsplash and a stainless steel Wolf range.
Photo Credit: Ally Whalen -Bright kitchen boasts an oak trimmed white wooden range hood over a cooktop, gray subway wall tiles and a nickel swing arm pot filler.
Photo Credit: Studio Thomas James – Black dome range hood with brass trim brings a striking accent to a contemporary kitchen cooktop finished with a white and gray marble geometric backsplash.
Photo Credit: Graystone Custom Builders – A white wooden hood is accented with beige wood trim placed above a white glazed tiled backsplash and a Wolf dual range.
Photo Credit: Venegas and Company – Rustic wood beams accent a white kitchen boasting a white range hood fixed between black framed windows to a marble backsplash over a stainless steel oven range. The range sits between white cabinets complemented with thick brass pulls.
Photo Credit: Amy Storm – White kitchen features taupe glazed brick backsplash tiles with gray floating shelves, a wolf range under a white hood and white cabinets with nickel pulls.
Photo Credit: Mindy Gayer – A stainless steel dual range is paired with a white brick backsplash and a silver and black hood.
Photo Credit: Hart and Lock Design 
Photo Credit: Studio McGee – A steel and brass range hood is mounted to a beige marble slab cooktop backsplash over a Thermador dual range and between floating shelves.
Photo Credit: Venegas and Company – A gorgeous white French range hood with brown wood trim is mounted in a cooking alcove over a curved marble cooktop backsplash and an oven range flanked by white cabinets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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