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Granduca: Artisanal Kitchen Offers a Tantalizing Portal to Southern France!

If recent trends are anything to go by, then a sleek, contemporary kitchen with polished finishes and glossy surfaces is definitely a thing of the past! As much as the late 90s and early 2000s moved toward kitchens with clean lines and a monotonous, factory-made look, homeowners are quickly turning toward more ‘natural’ designs with styles such as farmhouse, rustic, industrial and country once again making a big splash. And the gorgeous Granduca from Marchi Cucine is a charming and tasteful addition to this growing lineup of stunning family kitchens.

Spacious and inviting country style kitchen from Marchi

Crafted to showcase the very best of country style from Southern France, it captures and translates the many sights, sounds, flavors and the dreamy magic of sunny summer evenings in Provence into the modern home. It is easy to instantly fall in love with this artisanal kitchen that is filled with the very best of modern kitchen appliances, even as it enchants you with stone and marble worktops, textured walls and traditional cabinets set into masonry niches. A perfect marriage of modern functionality and timeless Mediterranean charisma, Granduca encourages the entire family to spend those relaxing evenings and weekends together, sharing those precious, fleeting moments!

Sunburst motif on the hood drives home the Provencal Country style of the kitchen

Warm and cozy kitchen kitchen inspired by the sight, sounds and flavors of Southern France

Sun-filled Mediterranean charm of Southern France combined with unassuming modernity inside the kitchen

Beautiful earthen hues and textured walls shape a stunning Mediterranean kitchen isnpired by design style from Southern France

Country style Granduca kitchen with custom cabinetry and marble backsplash

Custom cabinetry and stone or marble tiles worktops draw inspiration from Mediterranean kitchens

Small stone tiles, rustic finishes and pastel hues add to the inviting warmth of this kitchen and a healthy dose of sunlight only elevates its enduring beauty. A kitchen hood with ‘delicate stencil border’ and a striking sunburst motif ensure that no stone is left unturned in an effort to bring home that authentic Provençal-country allure. Dual-tone surfaces and earthen hues top off a truly amazing kitchen that seems to literally take you back in time to those simpler, happier days!

Open shelves and exposed iron detailing elevate the style quotient of the country style kitchen

Custom stone sink is perfect for the dreamy Mediterranean kitchen

Beautiful stencil border and warm pastel hues create a fabulous and inviting country style kitchen

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