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Mediterranean Magic Meets Rustic Elegance Inside Dreamy Doria

With the world around us becoming more and more urbane with each passing day, the heart often longs for simpler times and some country-style goodness. Crafted with ingenious style and exclusive modularity by Marchi, Doria is a kitchen that effortlessly blends timeless rustic beauty with the inimitable allure of Mediterranean design. The many intricate details of Doria bring together a distinct artisanal touch, a captivating modular country-style approach, and of course accents, hues and finishes that evoke images of a lazy summer evening in an exotic Mediterranean retreat.

Mellow yellow and lovely azure blues bring in the Mediterranean charm

It is not too hard to see the magnetism of this modular kitchen that can be altered to suit the individual floor plan of your home. Features such as the wooden cabinets painted in lovely pastel blues and yellows, brass and steel surfaces that add a touch of metallic glint without seeming far too modern, plastered walls, stone countertops and shelves with fabric frill bring back images of an era that is lost in time. Even the smallest of details is carefully chosen to complement and enhance this classic ambiance while the warm hues in the room create an inviting backdrop for a perfect social zone that brings the entire family together.

Plastered walls, stone and brick bring textural charm to the lovely Doria kitchen

Beautiful country kitchen decorating idea

Country kitchen turns to natural materials for elegant shelves and countertops

Closer look at the fine details that give Doria its distinct Mediterranean vibe

Efficinet kitchen countertops with engaging backsplash

Fascinating use of natural stone inside the country chic kitchen

Modern efficinecy combined with dreamy Mediterranean style inside lovely Doria kitchen

Despite its country style and rustic aesthetics, Doria does not cut back on comfort and modern functionality. Instead features such as the refrigerator and cooking hood are elegantly concealed by painted cabinets to ensure that they do not disturb the wonderful narrative. Stone sinks, earthenware pots and other subtle touches such as the rod for hanging utensils ensure that your kitchen becomes a portal that takes you back in time to a colorful countryside somewhere in the Mediterranean!

Lovely fabric frills give that additional Mediterranean aura to the kitchen

Brass and stainless steel features inside the country chic kitchen

Cabinets painted in delicate pastel tones inside Doria kitchen

Artisanal Modula Kitchen inspired by Mediterranean design by Marchi

Natural stone and soothing colors shape the country kitchen

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