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Balad: Rechargeable and Portable Outdoor Lamp with Radiant Brilliance

Summer might be officially over, but it does not really mean you have to spend all your time indoors. Whether you plan the next few months on the patio, within in the confines of the sunroom or still wish to enjoy the colors of fall as you spend the slightly cold evenings in the garden, lighting becomes an increasingly essential aspect of that ‘perfect outdoor hangout’. And with the versatile and mobile Balad outdoor lamp from Fermob, you have a bright and energy-savvy companion that serves you well in a variety of outdoor settings and does so without the hassles of endless lines of wiring!

Gorgeous and rechargeable outdoor lamp from Fermob

The Balad comes in two different versions, the H38 outdoor lamp that is slightly larger and its more mobile, smaller cousin the H25 outdoor lamp. Even with its larger radius, the H38 is still easily transportable and can be charged to give you 14 hours of continuous use. Of course, if you have a power outlet close by, then you will not have to worry about charging it as well! The unique LED technology of the lamp gives you two different brightness settings and you can even alternate between a warm 4000k light and a colder 6000k light. The smaller H25 offers you all the same features as the H38, but has a battery life of around 12 hours.

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Smaller and more mobile version of Balad
Rechargeable outdoor LED lamp with dimmer feature and sleek portability
Modern, portable outdoor LED lamp with multiple brightness settings
Stylish and efficient outdoor lamp Balad in its various forms
Smart Balad garden lamp can be used pretty much anywhere
Balad outdoor lamp looks as good indoors as it does outside
Garden lamp brings brightness and elegance to the green landscape

Two different metal stands combined with the colorful variants of Balad allow you to create multiple lighting compositions for your serene backyard, small courtyard or urban balcony. Simple, stylish and energy-efficient, the Balad lamp will soon become an essential part of your life outdoors!

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Balad outdoor lamp for the relaxing, modern hangout
Combine relaxing outdoor cushions with elegant seating and lovely lamps for a stylish hangout
Exquisite outdoor lamp can be used in a variety of ways
Flexible and slim stands for the Balad lamp bring it to the outdoor dining
Balad lamp sleek stand is perfect for the modern patio

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