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Warm Ambiance Meets Modern Sophistication inside this Copenhagen Law Firm

Modern office spaces often lack character and personality with polished surfaces creating an impersonal and boring atmosphere. But the office of Danish law firm Lundgren in Copenhagen is much different despite having a sophisticated, contemporary vibe. Designed by Årstiderne Arkitekter, the office overlooks the city with glass cubes and cubicles throughout the interior shaping dynamic work environments. This allows those inside to switch between a more social workspace to one that is private by simply moving the drapes. Any corner can be converted into an impromptu team gathering venue and the smaller cubicles serve as more tranquil and efficient work zones.

Curved glass office chambers are both trendy and space-savvy

Inside the expansive office one finds a range of colors being mixed beautifully with shades of green, gray and black making their presence felt. There is also a hint of industrial vibe with exposed concrete ceilings and duct pipes giving the office an entirely different dimension. The reception, coffee station, lounge have a much more natural appeal with materials like aniline leather, linen, bamboo rugs, wool, and cotton being used in an extensive fashion. Refreshing, cheerful and classical at the same time, there are several different elements that are flawlessly combined here. [Photography: Mads Frederik Architectural Photography]

Wall art brings color and playfulness to an otherwise somber setting
Contemporary Lundgrens office in Copenhagen
Entrance to the contemporary law firm office in Copenhagen
Glass cubes and cubicles throughout the office create a tranquil, yet social work environment
Polished and modern office room with a view of the city
Reception of the office clad completely in natural materials for a tranquil atmosphere

In order to shield the rooms a combination of heavy curtains and light, transparent curtains have been used to add warmth and texture and to create a silhouette effect through the window. Thus a vivid feeling is created throughout the office – you can see people in the room, but – for the sake of the clients – not necessarily see who.

Drapes used to create privacy inside the office when needed
Lighting and furniture combine to create an efficient work environment
Raw industrial elements combined with modern finishes inside the office
Turn the open office into a private meeting room using drapes
Ceiling of the office brings a touch of industrial charm

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