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Explore London from this Penthouse Apartment in a Revamped Warehouse

London is a city where there is plenty to explore and often first-time tourists will tell you that even after a week of frantic sightseeing, there is still so much more left to do in this multi-cultural, cosmopolitan hub. It does help though if you have a relaxing and centrally located apartment of your own, which acts as the perfect hub from which you discover the very best of London. Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Clerkenwell, this two bedroom penthouse offers one such gorgeous escape.

Bright red couch and blue armchairs bring color to the neutral interior

Located just a few minutes away from the Farringdon station, The Jerusalem Tavern and a series of shopping complexes, pubs and coffee shops this Warehouse Living in Clerkenwell is well-connected and yet takes you away from the beaten path. Part of a renovated industrial warehouse, the 80-square-meter penthouse feels much more spacious than it really is thanks to the white backdrop and the flood of natural light that fills it. A bright and bold couch in red along with snazzy blue armchairs bring color to the monochromatic living area while a L-shape corner kitchen provides everything you need to serve up a delicious family lunch.

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Spacious living area of the two bedroom penthouse apartment in London
Industrial warehouse apartment with bright and modern ambiance
Warehouse apartment in London with a modern, light-filled interior
Corner, L-shaped kitchen is a modern space saver
Space-savvy L-shaped kitchen in white with black countertop

The two bedrooms can accommodate up to six guests with ease and ae also drape din white. It is wall art and bedding that brings color to these refined spaces. A view of London’s skyline completes your stay at this fabulous Clerkenwell apartment.

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Comfortable bedroom in white with a tufted headboard wall and pops of purple
Modern bedroom in white with a small work desk in the corner
Cheerful and light-filled bedroom in white with purple accents
Bathroom in white filled with a flood of light
Modern bathroom in white with glass shower area
Revamped industrial warehouse houses modern apartments in London

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