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Light, Shade and a world of Green: JZL House in Brazil

Celebrating natural light, textural contrast, outdoor living and open spaces that encourage interaction between family members, the JZL House in Brazil turns everyday life into a breezy delight. The contemporary Bernardes Arquitetura design cleverly utilizes translucent glass louvres along with vertical wooden panels to create a world where light is elegantly filtered into the deeper areas of the expansive residence. Yet, this Rio de Janeiro ensures that its residents are happily surrounded by ample natural greenery as both indoor plants and a fabulous rear shaft add vibrant sparkle to the interior.

Breezy and modern home in Brazil with ample outdoor area
Breezy and modern home in Brazil with ample outdoor area

The luxurious home is spread across three different levels with the ground floor containing the living area, dining space and kitchen which can easily integrate with the sweeping deck outside. With lines being both the interior and the outdoors blurred, it becomes easy to transition between both the zones by simply sliding away the glass doors! A stylish and sculptural stairway connects the central living level with the basement that holds the home office along with other public spaces and the top floor that contains the bedrooms and other private zones.

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Multiple layers of lighting adds to the radiance of the interior
Sliding doors connect the living area with the deck outside
Coffee table with storage space and comfy couch for the living room
Fabulous chandelier hanging above the dining table with natural wood edge
Row of indoor plants brings greenery to the living area
Snazzy wooden staircase with contemporary panache

Low-slung décor gives the interior an even more spacious appeal with a neutral color palette, splashes of greenery and pops of red and yellow put the final touches on this mesmerizing and peaceful Rio home [Photography: Leonardo Finotti]

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Sweeping deck next to the pool is connected to the interior
Swiveling front door of the contemporary home with a cool, green entryway around it
Underground level floor plan of JZL House
Upper level floor plan of the contemporary home
Ground level floor plan of the JZL House

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