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Outdoor Privacy Solutions for the Modern Home

Spring and summer mean returning to outdoor living, but unfortunately, that means you don’t get the same privacy as indoor living. Living in the beautiful chaos of any big city is amazing, but realistically, it involves sacrificing a little bit of your privacy. Even in the suburbs, you can run into issues with communal porches and shared backyards. Adding privacy plants, a privacy screen, fence, or wall of some kind is a great way to offer both yourself and your neighbors a little bit of extra home space outside.

You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to create an awesome privacy feature: we scoped out some of the most affordable and aesthetic options to turn your patio into a bit more of a personal escape.

Wooden Fence Privacy Wall

This modern patio space uses cedar wood fence board to create the perfect privacy fence that fits naturally into the cedar pergola structure. It still allows for light to pass through yet provides some privacy from neighboring homes. Image by SprucingUpMamahood.com
This boho chic patio space relies on a stained fence board privacy wall to enclose the space and make it feel cozier. Image by HouseBeautiful.com
This backyard barbecue patio area uses a natural fence board privacy wall to help keep the space intimate. Image by CityFarmhouse.com
Dark stained fence boards create a private patio in this modern back yard. Image by DonPedroBrooklyn.com
This privacy fence is painted white to keep a light and airy feel while closing in this outdoor space. Image by Gardenholic.com

Creating a modern wooden fence wall can help you achieve a private patio feel in an otherwise open area. If you’re handy with a skill saw (or know someone who is) this can easily be a weekend project that transforms your outdoor space for years to come. Additionally, if you choose to build the privacy fence wall yourself, you can customize the size to fit a balcony or specific back yard space.

Lattice Wall Partial Privacy

A lattice wall is traditionally used in garden spaces and as a privacy topper along with fencing. It is popular for the partial view obstruction that still allows light to pass through, and the structure that it offers climbing plants like ivy and vines. Even though lattice falls in the traditional trend, decorators and homeowners have incorporated the fencing into modern spaces as a privacy solution.

This black wood lattice privacy wall allows for a partial view and light to pass through. Image by FromHousetoHome.com
This white lattice patio wall offers partial privacy and has the potential for plant growth to help fill in any gaps. Image by BHG.com
A thin metal trellis is a modern alternative to the wooden version allowing any plants to be the  main focus and privacy feature. Shop a similar style at HomeDepot.com to get the look. Image by BHG.com

Modern Metal and Vinyl Privacy Solutions

If the traditional wooden fence style is not for you, or perhaps you don’t have the space for large lattices, there are many metal and vinyl privacy screens on the market right now that may work for your space. Metal and vinyl privacy screens come in a variety of sizes and designs that are customizable to your area, some of them are portable or collapsable, and they can also be painted to suit your decor. These modern privacy solutions double as a chic design element in your outdoor space.

This metal privacy wall transforms the small porch space into a relaxing hangout. Image by Lowes.ca
This modern metal privacy wall connects together to create a classy private lounge space on an open patio. Image by Wayfair.com
These modern metal panels by Outdeco combine to create an artistic privacy fence. Image by JWLumber.com

These are just a few of our favorite modern privacy solutions that will help transform your backyard patio into a private lounge spot for you to enjoy all summer long. Check out our rules for designing the perfect patio setup, and combine them with these modern privacy solutions to create the ultimate outdoor area. For more patio inspiration check out our posts on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

Kylene Loucks

I write for decoist.

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