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Outdoor Bar Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard [10 Easy DIYs]

A DIY outdoor bar can make or break the backyard space. Sometimes, people just want to be out, enjoying the rays of sunshine while they sip their favorite beer or cocktail. The good news is you can give yourself and visitors just that! The even better news is that there’s no need to whip up an expensive budget as these outdoor bar ideas we have brought to you are affordable DIY projects.

Even when you decide to call a professional to help bring your idea to life, it’s not over the top and shouldn’t cost much. Out on your patio; make yourself a makeshift bar just for the summer. You can do something simple or go big. That’s up to you. Check out these 10 ideas to inspire you to build yours.


Crate Shelves on Wheels

Got a couple of wooden crates lying around the house? It’s time to repurpose them to make an outdoor bar. You’re going to need wheels and an MDF board. You have the option of choosing between glue and screws to assemble your rolling crate shelf. To make it more secure, you can use both. Stack the crates vertically and then place the MDF board on the stack. The board will serve as a tabletop for mixing and drinking while the crates will serve as shelves for storing glasses, straws, extra drinks, and even decor pieces. Nothing stops you from painting the crates a different color. If you have a color theme going on, feel free to repaint.



Murphy Style Outdoor Bar

If you’re one to manage a small space and you want to be able to change the function of space in no time, this Murphy-style bar is for you. It works the same way as the Murphy bed. You get a cover that drops down and can serve as a mini table and there is a compartment for storing things.



Bar Cart with Plant Decor

When outdoor, you want to be able to move things easily without having to call on anyone else, and when it comes to your outdoor bar, changing the location of your stand should be easy, especially for refilling things inside the house. This is why you should have makeshift wooden storage as a cart. While putting your drinks and cups on, you can decorate them with a few plant pots. They will give it a more relaxed and natural look.


Wood Pallet Bar with Tiled Top

Done replacing kitchen fixtures and what not? You don’t have to throw out that cabinet when you can use it to set up your outdoor bar. It might need a little bit of repair or painting. There are some things you want in your bar but they have to be kept safe from the elements of nature. This is your best bet. Everything stored inside while it is closed will be dry and dust-free. To add a bit of glamour to the pallet bar, give it a tile top for its finishing. It will be admired by guests when they come around.



Metal Bar Cart with Wheels

This is what is called functional and aesthetic. Paint the cart a funky vibrant color so it stands out from the rest of the things on your porch. With the compartments provided, you have enough space to arrange the beverages available. The compartments are open so it’s easy to grab what you need and move along. You can also add decor pieces.


Wooden Ice Chest with Sliding Lid

Summer or not, you need your drinks to be chilled and refreshing. Put a wooden box with a sliding lid right in the middle of your space and make it your ice chest. This way, it is easily accessible all around.



Drop Down Wall Table Bar

You’ve got a wall, right? Here’s a tabletop you can put right back when it’s not in use. It doesn’t take up unnecessary space and makes it easy to chill outside. Have a couple of chairs stacked at one corner at all times and you’re good to go.



Repurposed Baker’s Rack

It’s a good idea to upcycle furniture and materials instead of throwing them away to get new ones. It helps save money and you can get as creative as you want with it. You can make an outdoor bar with an old or abandoned baker’s rack. You can be sure that you’ll have everything fully on display which means everyone knows where things are. You can repaint the rack if it is rusted and also switch up a few things.



Icy Wheelbarrow

When you have a few guests over or you’re throwing a party, a wheelbarrow can serve as your ice chest for the day. Throw in a lot of ice cubes and then stick your drinks into it. It’s nothing out of the ordinary or too fancy but it does the job alright.

Icy Rustic Wheelbarrow


Desk Repurposed to Island Bar with Wheels

Do you have an old office desk you’re planning on replacing or did you spot one at your neighbor’s yard sale? Well, there you have it! That’s one major item you can check off the list for creating your outdoor bar. People upcycle furniture all the time and this is no different. You can leave it looking old to give that antique feel or you can decide to paint it. The drawers of the desk will be useful as storage spaces. Add on some wheels to make it convenient to move. Like the typical kitchen island, it wouldn’t hurt to have it at the center of your backyard.



Chilling in your outdoor bar is always a great idea as it is both relaxing and refreshing. Don’t be surprised when everyone wants to come to cool off at your place! These ideas are easy to pull off and you can create with things you already have lying around.

Emmanuel Ojodun

I write for decoist.

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