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Outdated Landscape Trends and Techniques to Avoid

Like everything else, landscaping has its own outdated trends that no longer hold appeal in this decade. However, homeowners are becoming more creative in turning outmoded landscape ideas into a fantasy.

When planning your landscape design, you want a trend that would instantly refresh your garden and not age it; that’s why some techniques are better left in the past.

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Let’s see what’s in and what’s out in landscaping trends.

Fake Grass

With people spending more time at home than ever during the past year, they’re spending a lot more time outside in their own backyards. Part of the outdoor experience? Real grass. The faux lawn is becoming outdated.

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Source: Landscaping Network

Although some homeowners still swear by it, we believe it’s so 90s and not ecologically efficient. If you have a black thumb or just don’t feel up to tending to a garden, plant a wildflower meadow. They require little to no effort from you once they’re planted and are much better for the environment than faux grass.

Unnatural, Showy Landscapes

More homeowners are beginning to value natural and quality materials for their gardens. Over-the-top design materials thrown about everywhere to make the outdoors look good are no longer trending. Sometimes, less is more.

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Excessive decorations

There is nothing wrong with decorating your garden with a few small gnomes or a water feature or other embellishments; after all, there was a time they were the rave. Right now though, they’re less popular. The styles don’t hold up as well in the grand scheme of smart gardening.

Source: Aylett Nurseries

If you are thinking of going overboard with gnomes in your garden, don’t do it.

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Use fewer ornaments, and if you do use any, let them be unpainted or natural-looking so they can blend easily with the overall garden decor.

Hard landscaping

Having a backyard totally done in hardscape landscaping aspects is a darling trend—of the past! It doesn’t do much for the environment in your backyard and doesn’t bring any natural effect. When you think of a garden, what comes to your mind? If not flowers, butterflies, perhaps a pool, and other delights. Incorporate hardscape elements like archways or a firepit, but don’t go overboard.

Source: DiSabatino Landscaping

A completely paved-over garden that looks like a driveway rather than a lush yard is so dated. If hard landscaping tickles your fancy for functional reasons, try creating paths filled with gravel and interspersed with flowers or plants for a more natural look.

Source: Pinterest

Brick Lawn Borders or Garden Barriers

Do you know those traditional gardens that look like a lawn in the middle of a park and a thin strip of flowers surrounding the yard? That technique has become obsolete and is not an excellent use of outdoor space. The brick barrier can cause a jarring juxtaposition to the natural, beautiful garden you’re aiming to create. It also makes it more difficult to expand your garden if or when you want to.

Source: The Spruce

Boring drought-tolerant landscape

A drought-tolerant landscape used to be a garden filled with gravel or sharp stones with a cactus or two for effect. In the ’70s, this landscape design was in vogue, but not anymore! If you want to design a beautiful desert landscape, consider filling the place with succulents and other drought-tolerant plants. Thorny ornamental plants like Bougainvillea give much-needed color.

Source by: Flores Artscape

Although landscape styles and trends don’t change every other year, they still evolve with time. Update your garden decor so you can feel as relaxed in it as you are indoors.

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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