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Ruins of an Old Textile Factory Turned into a Magical Bar and Hangout

Adaptive reuse of old structures does much more than just save resources and time. It creates a unique fusion of the old and new. Often, these exceptional structures end up being much more captivating than modern buildings that often lack character and a sense of heritage. Nestled in Hermosillo, Sonora, the La Ruina Park Bar by TAMEN Arquitectura is one such structure that brings back the past with a bang. With exceptional brick walls that stood since the original textile factory, the new bar feels absolutely magical as the sun sets each day and the bright lights of the modern bar takeover. It is barely a wonder that Hermosillenses flock here in such large number.

La Ruina Park Bar in Sonora, Mexico

The lovely bar does not try to erase the past and instead embraces and highlights the exceptional heritage of this individual structure. It feels like sitting among historic ruins while you enjoy a wonderful evening with friends. The presence of trees all around the restored ruins, custom lighting and modern furniture along with the small stage further elevate the mood. It is a careful balance between the flashy and the understated, polished and rough and urbane with the rustic. A beautiful marble counter and framed wooden mirrors and shelves add to the ambiance.

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Ruins of an old textile factory turned into a stunning bar and hangout
Transforming the ruins of an old textile factory into a modern bar
Brick walls and marble bar counter give the unique bar a historic appeal
Magical nightlife at La Ruina Park Bar
Old textile factory in Mexico turned into a fabulous and open bar

La Ruina Park Bar is another great example of how old structures and even ruins can be restored and used in a modern context. All you need is the right amount of creativity and a crowd to elevate the atmosphere! [Photography: alexander potiomki]

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Wooden framed mirrors and shelves inside the iconic bar in Sonora
Beautifully illuminated marble bar along with antique finishes makes a bold statement
Sectional view of La Ruina Park Bar
Floor plan of La Ruina Park Bar

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