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Original Bakery in China with a Modern-Industrial, Multi-Level Design

A dash of oriental charm, nostalgic elements of the past, Norther European flair and modern-industrial edginess – Bake Café in Changshu, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China has plenty going for it. Its multiple levels present an interesting design element at every turn. Each level of this bakery, eatery and coffee place has its own unique style that is carefully married into the overall appeal of the interior. On the first floor is the coffee and bakery area with its large French doors, lovely lighting and timeless design elements. It is a space that seems to take you into Europe of early ad mid 1900’s.

Geometric pendant lights and gorgeous greenery give the restaurant a unique look

The second level is used as a more casual hangout and dining area where the atmosphere feels far more relaxed and refreshing. A custom botanical garden, a metallic grid that replaces the traditional stairway railing and other industrial design features give this floor a modern-industrial look. The third floor is dedicated to activities and fun social events and large, wooden tables, multiple seating options and a largely adaptable backdrop define this level.

Lighting fixtures on each level also vary ever so beautifully to provide even illumination with a pinch of dramatic panache. It is this attention to detail that makes Original Bakery by D+space design so very special! [Photography: Fancy Images]

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Chevron pattern cushions in black and white add visual delight to the dining area
Coffee and light food section of the Original Bakery
Colorful wall mural and edgy wooden tables inside the Original Bakery
Multi-level restaurant in China with a modern-industrial style
Original Bakery in Chian designed with warmth and flair
Metal and wood shape a unique interior inside the restaurant

Bars are composed with the woods block with different colors and white acrylic, with the square frame on the top, the bar is a space with three transparent sides, letting waiter communicate with guests better. Bar area has a variety of functional requirements, including staffing transfer, cash register, sound control, the most important function is coffee making and the sales display of bread cake.

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Metallic railing and mesh provide the interior with a raw, edgy appeal
Original Bakery in Chian designed with warmth and flair
Unique interior of the Chinese restaurant with a modern-industrial vibe
European style coupled with oriental charm inside the posh Chinese restaurant
Informal and elegant seating inside the restaurant
Large dining area and industrial lighting provide a wonderful ambiance

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