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Old Shed with Stone Walls Transformed into a Fabulous Vacation Home in Spain

Alcoba de la Torre is a tiny town in Spain where the old-world charm of stoic stone walls is still alive in its ruined castle and a Romanesque church. Not far from these attractions is the striking and modern Alcoba Housing designed by MYCC that turns an old shed into a contemporary vacation home that feels both timeless and relaxing. On the outside, he old stone walls and original roof of the shed have been preserved carefully and improved while the interiors have been completely redone to create a modern setting. It is the lower level of the house that contains the living area along with the kitchen and dining space while the upper level contains the bedroom.

Old shed next to a ruined castle in dreamy Spanish town turned into a gorgeous vacation home

Concrete ceiling in the living area along with micro-cement floor offer ample textural contrast while a custom staircase that opens up in the heart of the living area leads to way to the upper floor. The kitchen is simple and modern and combines practicality with pleasing aesthetics. Crisscrossing beams steal the show on the upper floor where the ceiling has been specially highlighted using custom partitions that use glass for their upper quarter.

Facade of the old shed and its roof have been preserved and improved
Large glass windows and sliding doors fit perfectly into the classic exterior of the renovated shed home’
Wooden ladder style staircase leads the way to the upper level of the house
Smart kitchen and a wooden staircase next to it inside the Spanish holiday house
Contemporary living area of the house with bright yellow chairs and a fireplace

Unique partitions on the private level are made up of opaque white walls on the lower side while glass panes sit on top to provide unabated view of the ceiling from all sides. Both from the outside and on the inside, this Spanish holiday home is exceptional in more ways than just one and integrates its past with future in a seamless, charming manner. [Photography: Rubén P. Bescós]

Simple white partitions delineate space on the upper level without blocking light
Unique 2 meter high partitions for the private level with glass feature above
Set of glasses on the upper level of the walls gives an uncut visual of all the ceiling beams in white
Crisscrossing white ceiling beams give the upper level of the house a unique look

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