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Old New England Farm Outbuilding Replaced with a Nifty Modern Masterpiece

Creating an aesthetic connection between a 100-year old farmhouse and a smaller modern outbuilding that has been built far more recently is a tricky task that requires attention to detail. Sitting next to an old farmhouse, this small, contemporary structure in Cranberry Isles, Maine accomplishes this by using vernacular architectural features and a wonderful balance of elements. The new building built by Elliott + Elliott Architecture is part of a multi-generational home where the kids and the grandchildren occupy the main farmhouse while the head of the family finds space in the newly built structure just outside. A wooden deck connects the two buildings and preserves the traditional charm of the farmhouse.

Modern structure next to 100 year old farmhouse with ocean views

The common areas, outdoor gardens and walkways between the two structures serve a space for relaxation while the new interior makes up in style for what it lacks in sheer volume. Thanks to top-notch insulation that trumps that of the farmhouse next to it, it is the tiny outbuilding that becomes the winter refuge for the family members still on the island , while a while color palette, natural light and an organized floor plan give the space a cheerful and uncluttered appeal. An open plan living, kitchen and dining lead the way towards the reclusive and serene bedroom with ocean views. [Photography: Trent Bell]

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Living area with gable roof and an interior in white
Modern kitchen in gray and white
Beautiful little living area with a cozy fireplace as focal point
Light-filled bedroom of the house in white with a comfy window seat
Common deck between the new home and the cottage along with the screened porch

Furthermore, an ancient public walking path to the shore runs through the middle of the yard. Used by the islanders for many years, it is an important part of local tradition, something that the owners were adamant be maintained. In the end the path provides separation between the main house and new cottage while acting as an organizing element…

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Vernacular design influences create a gorgeous home in Maine
Wonderful views of the ocean from the rustic cottage and new outhouse
Old cottage and smaller modern structure next to it in Maine next to the ocean
Smart little deck offers amazing views of the natural landscape beyond
First floor plan of House on an Island

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