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Off-Grid Prefab Brings Sustainable Modern Design to the Classic Aussie Home

It makes plenty of sense to move away from conventional home design and embrace greener homes that make for not just a better tomorrow but also one where your own lifestyle is much healthier and cheerful. Living close to nature and off-grid might feel like a difficult task in the beginning for those used to urban life in concrete jungles. But it is surely a lot more relaxing and rewarding as you get accustomed to a sustainable lifestyle. The Courtyard House for FABPREFAB designed by CHROFI offers such an opportunity as it brings modernity to vernacular Aussie residence even while offering an adaptable living solution.

Dynamic design of the courtyard with sliding wooden door that opens the outdoors inside

On the outside it is wood that makes a statement and the inside you find a neutral color scheme that is only disturbed by bluish-gray accents in the living room and the kitchen. Sliding glass doors and modular screens help the homeowners shift between semi-closed courtyards and completely open spaces depending on the time of the day and the necessity. The building itself is narrow and is completely off-grid with a design that lets it sit slightly above the ground. This keeps the carbon footprint of the home down to a minimum and you have a house that is both economic and eco-friendly.

Adaptable outdoor spaces that can be easily closed off when you need privacy
Central courtyard of the prefab becomes an integral part of the living area and the bedrooms next to it
Elevated design of the prefab ensures it leaves the landscape as untouched as possible
Flexible and adaptable design of modern prefab that creates multiple spatial possibilities
Furniture inside the house adds to the white and wood color scheme that is mostly neutral
Kitchen brings a bit of bluish-gray to an otherwise neutral interior

Living off-grid brings with it a certain sense of freedom and that is perfectly encapsulated by this small and functional cabin. A beautiful escape that also serves as a second home when needed! [Photography: Clinton Weaver]

Interior courtyard of the house feels both open and still offers privacy at the same time
Modern Courtyard House for FABPREFAB brings sustainable design to the classic rural Aussie Home
Simple yet cleverly placed openings in the prefab can be altered depending on necessity
Sliding screens and windows open up to connect the interior with the landscape outside
Sustainable modern prefab fits into any natural setting without leaving a major carbon footprint
View of the Courtyard House for FABPREFAB from a distance
Wooden exterior of the prefab adds to its stylish and sustainable appeal while offering a more rustic aesthetic
Gorgeous design of Courtyard House for FABPREFAB by CHORFI

Sherry Nothingam

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