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20 Nursery Wallpaper Ideas that Add Vivacious Personality to the Space

Kids’ rooms are hard to design indeed and at times one feels that creating a nursery is much easier that kids’ room for tiny tots who have an opinion on everyone! The nursery is one room of the house that we are incredibly excited to create as the anticipation of welcoming a new member of the family always accompanies it. The modern nursery is a space that allows you to try out a variety of styles, designs and patterns with ease and you can always switch out the old and add something new with ease. The best part is that you do not have to worry about the opinion of your little one when it comes to colors and motifs.

Eclectic nursery with a wallpaper that features fun cactus pattern [From: Home Design & Decor Magazine / Dustin Peck]

The perfect nursery is one that combines color and creativity with a backdrop that is as neutral as possible. This not only gives the room a vivacious and upbeat look, but also leaves enough space for an upgrade down the line in terms of style and functionality. Many modern nurseries also multi-task and having a room that can grow along with your kid easily makes your life a whole lot more comfortable. Check out how wallpaper with awesome personality and ample color can alter the nursery with ease –

Blue, Red and Shades of Pink

Blue and pink are unarguably the most popular colors in the nursery and each of these colors has been eternally attached with the image of an ideal boys’ and girls’ nursery respectively. Even if you are not fully happy with an overload of pink the modern girls’ nursery, you can substitute it with bright red, orange or other hues of the color for a captivating nursery. Using wallpaper to add these colors or to even accentuate them in the nursery is a cost-effective way that you will not have to commit to permanently.

Choosing the perfect wallpaper for your nursery depends both on color and style
Eclectic wallpaper in blue for the fabulous modern nursery [From: Zulufish]
Red and white wallpaper brings pattern to the nursery in white [From: Dyer Grimes Architecture / Jack Hobhouse Photography]
Whimsical wallpaper with flying birds in the nursery
Accent wall with heart motifs is fun and perfect for the girls' room
Accent wall with heart motifs is fun and perfect for the girls’ room
Blue nursery with a hot air balloon wallpaper that is a trendy choice [From: CRT Studio]

Light-Filled Spaces Full of Life

The beach style, coastal themed or even contemporary nursery with ample natural light makes it much easier for you to add bright and bold wallpaper to the setting. If you have a dark nursery, think about creating an even and smart layer of artificial lighting that uses both focused light sources and recessed lights. Be it bold wallpaper with tropical motifs or ones with understated chic patterns that still bring ample color, the perfect wallpaper is one that extends the style of the room in an organic fashion. The best way to make this even more impressive is to use lighting to highlight this impressive addition.

Flamingo pattern for the nursery that feels elegant and is perfect for the baby girl [From: PS Interiors Group / Stacy Zarin Photography]
Light-filled beach style nursery with a wallpapered backdrop that features elephant motifs [From: LA Design Build]
Transitional nursery with butterfly pattern for the wallpaper [From: Moondrop Interiors]
Whimsical patterns of the wallpaper add a fun flair to the nursery [From: Shalito design]
Drapes extend the pattern of the wallpaper in an exquisite manner [From: Lauren Andersen Photography]
Finding the right pattern for the contemporary nursery in white [From: Brown Design Group]

Styles that Feel Different

Eclectic nursery is one of the easiest places to add a multi-colored wallpaper that grads your attention instantly. The same idea works well in the minimal contemporary nursery as well as you create a striking backdrop while keeping the rest of the room neutral. Be it in the modern shabby chic nursery or in the tropical kids’ room, the bold wallpaper finds place everywhere with ease. You just have to pick the right pattern and hues to get it spot on.

Dark and bold wallpaper for the eclectic kids’ nursery
Multi-colored wallpaper in the nursery is a showstopper [From: Lane Williams Architects]
Perfect wallpaper for the fun nursery in neutral hues
Toulie pattern adds class and color to the fabulous beach style nursery [From: Laurie Demetrio Interiors / Dustin Halleck]
Wallpaper clad accent wall steals the show in this nursery [From: Horizon Homes]
Boys’ nursery with wallpaper pattern that feels refreshing and vibrant [From: DM A+D]
Contemporary nursery wallpaper with banana motifs all around!
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