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Comfy Sophistication: 25 Gorgeous Scandinavian-Style Nursery Ideas

If there are two styles that have made a grand comeback in the last few years, they are industrial and Scandinavian. The latter has made a huge impact in the world of interior design, and the fundamental ethos of Scandinavian design has made its way into other styles as well. Whether it’s midcentury modern, minimal or contemporary, you can see the Nordic influence in most modern furnishings and accessories. Today we take a look at 25 cute and cozy nursery designs that embrace this timeless style with exquisite modern flair.

Most nursery designs that we see tend to have a dedicated and colorful theme that is full of energy and excitement. But experts suggest that too much color in the nursery could mean sleepless nights for your baby, as the setting is far too stimulating. Scandinavian-style nurseries find that perfect balance between serenity, style and vibrant hue, as they blend pops of color with a relaxing neutral backdrop.

Usher in Some Pattern

Those thinking of a gender neutral nursery will absolutely love the Scandinavian look. Nordic design is all about warm wooden floors, a neutral backdrop that employs white and light shades of gray or blue in an extensive fashion, plenty of natural light, and décor that places emphasis on practicality. This gives you a nursery where the background remains largely contemporary, and you can add geometric pattern, interesting motifs and textural contrast using décor and accessories. For the crisp, Scandinavian look, keep the pattern modern with clean lines and ensure that it adds to the appeal of the room.

Colorful and creative nursery idea [From: Balouga]
Gorgeous rug adds coziness to the stylish Scandinavian nursery [Design: Jamie B Interiors]
Geometric pattern coupled with vintage 60s charm in the snazzy nursery [Design: Marc Gimenez]

Rugs, drapes, wallpaper and wall decals bring pattern to the Scandinavian nursery in a smart and organized fashion, and you can simply switch them with trendier additions when you need to upgrade the room. This approach is cost-effective and allows you to maximize the available space. The smart nursery can also double as an inviting guest room or convenient home office when needed, thanks to this versatile style!

Wall decal in gray and white for the smart Scandinavian nursery [Design: Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design]
Wall mural blends into color scheme of the nursery while rug brings geometric class [Design: mon concept habitation]
Scandinavian retro nursery with pops of yellow and red [Design: Tiny Little Pads]
Wallpaper and drapes bring subtle pattern to the cozy nursery [Design: Ekaterina Ivanova]

A Dash of Cool Color

Love Color? Going Scandinavian in the nursery does not mean that you have to completely shun color. In fact, the blank canvas that the style offers lets those accent additions, colorful toys and lighting fixtures stand out even more. And those who feel that white walls are far too generic and impersonal can use lovely pastel hues of pink, blue, yellow and purple to add color in a classy fashion. Walls covered in bright, gaudy shades do not really work well with this style, so stick to cool, light colors that are close to white and gray. You can always add more brightness with your décor choices.

Scandinavian nursery with turquoise accent wall, brick wall and purple rug [Design: E/L STUDIO]
Cute Scandinavian nursery with splashes of pink and Oeuf Sparrow Crib [Photography: Red Princess Productions]
Decor and accessories bring color into this Scandinavian nursery [Photographer: Lisbet Spörndly]
Gender neutral nursery design in gray and peach with custom ceiling design [Design: Marie Flanigan Interiors]
Perfect small nursery in purple for your baby girl with smart Scandinavian vibe [Design: StudioLAB]
Large wall art adds color to the all-white nursery

Stylish, Minimal Décor

If your Scandinavian style is devoid of fun and playfulness, then you do not truly understand it yet! As we alluded to earlier, everything ranging from rugs and pendants to wall art and furniture add another layer of intrigue to the style and truly complete it. You can give your little one an early start on what makes fine, world-class décor with additions such as the classic Eames Rocker or the cozy Egg Chair sitting right next to the crib. Do not fill the room with anything beyond what you absolutely need, and keep it as uncluttered as possible to get the best possible ambiance.

Beautiful bassinet and Eames Rocker add to Scandinavian style of the room [Design: Au50bis]
Monochromatic nursery with floor lamp and a contemporary crib [Design: Plyroom]
Nursery and kids’ bedroom rolled into one with a unique cradle and grasscloth on walls [From: West Flooring & Design]
Turn the small corner into a lovely nursery [Design: de.studio]
Furniture ideas for the Scandinavian nursery [From: Cuckooland]
Bed with built-in storage options [Design: Tegnestuen B19]

Unadulterated White Magic

White, white and some more white – that is the Scandinavian way! Bright, pure white is a staple in Scandinavian homes, and the nurseries below showcase this look with a global twist. Adding furniture and accessories that also bring different shades of white and gray will only make the room far more glamorous and unique. And despite all the white, the presence of wooden ceilings and floors, a plush rug and cozy chair or two gives the nursery plenty of contrast and coziness.

Dashing all-white nursery with minimal Scandinavian beauty [Design: Karlijn de Jong]
Home office with nursery is a practical idea for working parents [From: Callwey / Photpgraphy: Brita Sönnichsen]
Brilliant star-shaped string lights for the modern nursery [Photography: Sofie Barfoed]
Color is kept to a minimum in this small nursery [Design: Project 22 Design Inc]
Nursery and playroom with neutral color palette [Design: Concept 8 Architects]
Small and cozy nursery design idea [Design: FRYD + Design]

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