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5 Home Styles Created using Porcelanosa Grupo’s Comprehensive Solutions

With a focus on product diversification, Porcelanosa Grupo has positioned itself as an international market leader in the manufacture of ceramic tiles, kitchens and bathroom products. Today, the Spanish Group’s eight companies are at the cutting edge of high-end kitchen and bathroom wares; in addition, the Group offers state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture. For this reason, Porcelanosa is perfectly placed to create homes that combine an aesthetic edge with innovative technology.

Here, we present a home tour that encompasses a range of Porcelanosa design solutions for interior and exterior living spaces. Together, they provide a comprehensive overview of Porcelanosa’s creative approach and style—one in which smart home solutions sit side by side in harmony, and where ceramic is a primary, pioneering material.

Living room

Perfect for a living room and dining space, ceramic parquet is a material that fuses the warm, natural and noble qualities of wood—such as grain and texture—with the strength and imperishability of ceramic. Created by Porcelanosa, Par-Ker is an original, highly durable and decorative ceramic parquet, ideal for both flooring and cladding. Distinctive and versatile, Par-Ker is especially notable for its many features: durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, fire resistant, resistant to slipping, impervious to humidity, and eco-friendly. Above all, Par-Ker is an elegant floor and wall solution, one that greatly enhances the living environment. 

Par-Ker in Melbourne Grey (19.3 cm x 180 cm) floor and wall cladding (left); beneath the dining table. a charming terrazzo ‘carpet’ made using Ston-Ker ceramic stone in Ceppo Acero (80 cm x 80 cm); Listón Madera wall tiles (right, 45 cm x 120 cm).

Also by Porcelanosa, Listón Madera is a wall tile that provides a wonderfully visual 3D effect. This clever symmetrical wood strip series plays with texture and a combination of light and shadows, to create a visually appealing composition—to accomplish this, a darker ‘inner’ strip is placed between ‘outer’ strips that have a lighter tone. Another product by Porcelanosa is Ston-Ker, a ceramic stone that was developed in response to the most exacting architectural requirements.

Listón Madera wall tiles.

Used in combination, Par-Ker, Listón Madera and Ston-Ker tiles will create a discriminating, durable and welcoming living space.


The 7.30 Roble negro by Gamadecor is a stunning example of contemporary kitchen design. One of the eight Porcelanosa Grupo companies, Gamadecor manufactures kitchen and bathroom furniture of the highest quality. A premium kitchen concept, the handsome 7.30 Roble negro meets the highest of today’s modern cooking demands, without compromising on practicality or functionality. With a ‘hidden-door’ system, this kitchen will integrate seamlessly, without fuss, into a living or dining space.

The 7.30 Roble negro kitchen by Gamadecor.

The kitchen’s cooking hobs are built into its worktop: an XLIGHT Liem Grey silk work surface was created by Urbatek, part of the Porcelanosa Group. With its a large format (300 cm x 100 cm pieces), minimum thickness (3.5 mm) and lighter weight, XLIGHT is a unique evolution of ceramic.

The XLIGHT Liem Grey silk worktop with integrated hobs.


A place for rest and relaxation, the ideal bedroom is a sanctuary from the chaos and noise of modern-day living.

With its integrated bathtub, this bedroom offers a pleasing haven. The elegant Bolonia Cognac ceramic floor tile by Porcelanosa combines the textures of ash-coloured wood with Belgian blue stone.

Porcelanosa Group member Venis has forged a leading international reputation as a stoneware and porcelain tile manufacturer. Its Dubai ceramic wall tile collection draws inspiration from cement, wood and marble. Available in metallic bronze, silver or white (in a 33.3 cm x 100 cm format), the hexagonal shapes create the calming, mesmerising effect of a cascading waterfall. 

A bedroom with Dubai bronze ceramic wall tiles and Newport floor tiles.

Also by Venis, Newport is an ideal tile for larger surfaces, and has a softer graphic and worn appearance. Available in easily cleaned and maintained white, beige, natural, grey and dark grey colours (and a range of sizes), Newport is perfect for areas with high people traffic: hotels, shopping centres and public spaces.

A bedroom with Porcelanosa’s Par-Ker ceramic parquet in Forest Arce.


When envisaging a high-end bathroom design, the Porcelanosa Group companies have it covered: from Porcelanosa’s Par-Ker ceramic parquet to XLIGHT by Urbatek, bathroom equipment by Noken and bathroom furniture by L’Antic Colonial.

Delaware, part of the Par-Ker ceramic collection, is a visually realistic and tactile ceramic wood range consisting of six designs, drawing inspiration from oak, maple and beech woods. This bathroom features Delaware flooring with L’Antic Colonial’s sculptural Men{H}ir washbasins and bathtub.

Vitae is a premium bathroom concept from Noken, developed in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design. This revolutionary bathroom collection is striking in its form and presentation, with integral components that evoke images of Zaha Hadid’s dramatic a

rchitecture. In truth, Vitae offers the perfect refuge and escape from life’s everyday demands. Meaning ‘life’, Vitae comprises fluid lines that conjure up images of flowing water. Vitae’s taps, basins, sanitaryware, mirrors and bathtubs are both organic and futuristic in their design.

The Vitae premium bathroom with XLIGHT storm grey wall tiles.
Vitae washbasin.


An original and versatile product, Porcelanosa’s Par-Ker flooring is ideal for use outdoors, such as on a terrace, patio or poolside. Entirely fire resistant, durable and non-slip, Par-Ker’s anti-humidity properties and effortless maintenance ensure it is perfect for exterior use. Moreover, Par-Ker copes well in all weather conditions—from the mildest to the most extreme.

The Par-Ker Ascot Teca finish helps to create a patio with an air of nostalgia.

The Vintage tile collection by Venis pays homage to the distinctive style of mid-19th century France and old 20th century Valencian houses. Full of character and charm, the Vintage mosaic tiles add a sense of flair in any context—from the finest traditional dwelling to the most urban abode. Vintage tiles will frame and highlight an area, delimit a room or create a visual ‘carpet’. 

Vintage Original by Venis.

In a spectacular example of Porcelanosa’s versatility, Valencia-based Fran Silvestre Arquitectos designed Balint House, an aerodynamic volume with a continuous facade created using Krion® solid surface in a Snow White finish. Developed by Systempool, a Porcelanosa Grupo company, Krion® is made from a combination of natural minerals and high-resistance resins. The Balint House facade was installed by Butech, a Porcelanosa company working on high-tech building solutions. 

Balint House. Image © Diego Opazo via ArchDaily.
Balint House. Image © Diego Opazo via ArchDaily.

All images © 2018 PORCELANOSA Grupo A.I.E. (except where otherwise indicated).

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