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Trendy and Sustainable: Natural Stone Makes a Rocking Comeback in 2017

With recent trends in home design reflecting a shift toward natural materials, stone is making a powerful impact in our interiors. Maybe it is our growing inclination to reconnect with nature, or simply a desire to escape the monotony of the concrete jungle. Variations in the color and texture of stone provide design lovers with an array of options to consider. Not to mention, the durability, serenity and sustainability of natural stone make it an ideal fit for a range of styles, from the earthy to the modern.

Whether you opt for stunning marble, gorgeous limestone, or the likes of travertine, granite or onyx, each block of stone has its own unique character that makes it truly special. Combine natural stone with polished contemporary finishes, rustic materials or even a dose of industrial style to enhance its natural beauty!

Luxurious Spa-Style Bathrooms

A bathroom that brings home the rejuvenating spa experience is at the top of most homeowners’ 2017 wish lists, and natural stone is often the star of these tranquil settings. Marble is undoubtedly the leader of the pack here, and its many variants from Calacatta marble to Emperador in brown can turn that boring bathroom into an absolute masterpiece. Polished granite vanity tops add contrast to these exquisite bathrooms in neutral hues, while a white marble backdrop exudes sophistication.

Chic bathroom in pink and white exudes feminine charm [Design: Stone Tile Group ]
Honed Esteremoz White marble transforms this modern bathroom [Design: Marblex Design International/ MAX INTERIORS]
Stone brings rose glam to lavish contemporary bathroom [Design: Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite]

Durable, Dashing Kitchens

As a kitchen countertop surface, natural stone is far more durable than many other materials. It is a safe and healthy choice for prep zones, and the use of stone gives the contemporary kitchen a textural upgrade. Granite kitchen countertops are a hot favorite among our readers, and it is barely a surprise, as they make a practical choice. Those willing to splurge can try out marble, but it definitely requires a greater level of care and maintenance. For other interesting countertop options, consider travertine and limestone.

Exotic variant of granite brings color and contrast to the lovely modern kitchen [Design: StoneWorks, Inc.]
Gorgeous rustic kitchen combines brick with Calacatta marble [Design: Mountain Marble & Granite]
Dashing contemporary kitchen in white with dark island and Calacatta marble countertops [Design: Artistic Tile]

A Radiant Surprise

Natural stone is spellbinding in so many ways; onyx is a perfect example. Whether it is used to create captivating home bars, kitchen islands that sweep you off your feet, amazing backsplashes or even bathroom vanities, onyx manages to turn the most ordinary setting into a magical space. Combine these onyx surfaces with LED lighting, and you have a striking focal point that accentuates the beauty of natural stone. As you can see from the images below, onyx is well worth the extra splurge!

Breathtakingly beautiful onyx bar-back is a natural showstopper [Design: Impala Kitchens and Bathrooms]
Onyx brings a sense of dramatic elegance to an understated modern bathroom in neutral hues [Design: Stone Source]
Unique contemporary home bar with back-lit onyx backsplash [Design: Marblex Design International]

Style and Delight with Natural Stone!

Eager to give marble flooring a try? Considering a limestone headboard wall in the bedroom? No matter what style you celebrate at home, a simple natural stone upgrade can fit into the overall schematic flawlessly. Natural stone in its many shades and hues ensures that you have an eternal lineup of options to choose from, leaving your home’s existing color scheme undisturbed. Use a bespoke travertine wall to create contrast, or simply upgrade the fireplace surround and mantel to marble. Whether you go for a polished look or an earthy vibe, enhancing your home with natural stone will add richness and depth.

Ash limestone walls lend texture to the relaxing living room [Design: Artistic Tile]
Modern rustic bedroom with limestone rubble veneer headboard wall [Design: US Stone Industries]

Shaping Relaxing Outdoor Settings

As much as modern design is veering toward bringing the outdoors inside, it is also about a greater connectivity between the landscape and the interior. A patio with a natural stone fireplace is a classic that only looks better as it ages over time. Couple it with seating in stone, and you have a rustic nook that brings together the entire family on a fun summer evening. Using natural stone outdoors also reduces the maintenance costs that come with artificial finishes. Be it stone patios or walkways, granite countertops or limestone pergola structures, natural stone has a way of bridging the gap between a world that is man-made and one that is just natural.

Natural stone fireplace and stone seating shape a stunning outdoor nook [Design: Connecticut Stone Supplies]
Limestone exterior along with a gentle stream gives the home a dramatic, storybook-inspired look [Design: Continental Cut Stone]
Relaxing outdoor hangout with a counter in natural stone [Design: Connecticut Stone Supplies]

Thanks to MIA + BSI: The Natural Stone Institute for sponsoring this post.

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