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This Radically Narrow Home Just 2.3m Wide in London Finds New Space!

Those who have spent all their lives in a big city do not generally realize or value the many perks that come with such a life. Sure it can get noisy, hectic and congested at times. But then there is no problem a vacation around the Holiday Season cannot solve! Life in the city also comes with its own set of challenges and often finding space is one of the biggest obstacles. If you have just moved to a city, then you would be well aware of how hard it is to get a good rental home. Buying one is ever harder with every square meter adding to the cost. And it is in such a scenario that a home like the Slim House in Clapham, London designed ever so brilliantly by Alma-nac architects promises to provide the ideal solution!

Beautiful and innovative home in London is one of the slimmest on the planet!

This incredible house sits between two large house (just about squeezes in, to be honest) and is no more than just 2.3m wide. Yet, you still have a fabulous interior that utilizes vertical space on offer and the once two-bedroom and bathroom home now houses four lovely bedrooms and wo bathrooms along with a fabulous dining area, kitchen and living space. Solutions like a cranked floor plan that gave birth to the double-height dining area, sloped roof with staggered skylights and nifty space-savvy features inside the home ensured that the narrow house feels much spacious than it really is.

Look at the facade of the Slim House that is just 2.3m wide
Modern Slim House in London with a gray and wood exterior and a sloped ceiling that has staggered skylight
Kitchen and dining area of the Slim House in London
View of the outdoor space and garden from the dining room of the slim home
Staggered skylights are a big part of teh slim house and bring light into all the rooms across different levels

Slim House was renovated and remodeled on a limited budget, making this project even more special and showcasing how with proper planning and a talented set of architects willing to go the extra mile, pretty much no space is too small for a comfortable modern home! [Photography: Richard Chivers]

Closer look at the exterior of the Slim House in gray
Fabulous bedroom in white with a hint of light gray along with a slanted ceiling and skylight
Gray tiles along with wood and glass shape this narrow London home on the outside
Bespoke wooden closets and wardrobes add storage space while delineating space inside the bedroom
Built-in cabinets for the headboard wall provide storage in the small bedroom

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