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Multilevel Buenos Aires Home Welcomes you with Outdoor Living and Lake Views

Every home has its own specific set of demands when it comes to design. In some, you need an inverted floor plan with the living areas on the top level to make the most of the views in distance. In others, homeowners want the living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms on one level, making it much more accessible for the elderly. When it comes to Castores House designed by Dieguez Fridman on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, it is a living area split across different smaller levels that defines the overall silhouette of the interior. An elevated living area sits above the extended verandah on one side and the kitchen and dining area on the other to make the most of the views on offer.

Different levels of the house are arranged carefully both on the inside and the outside
Different levels of the house are arranged carefully both on the inside and the outside

It is the lake views outside that shape the orientation of the interior with the working area and the library sitting above the elevated living and dining spaces. Large glass walls and sliding glass doors connect the interior with the world outside and bring ample natural light into the home. It is a minimal color palette with exposed concrete and wood in that shape the backdrop here even as contemporary décor takes a backseat to the scenery outside.

Contemporary rear facade of modern Buenos Aires home with a large outdoor sitting area and pool
Entryway of the house with a landscaped garden and a meandering pathway
Expansive rear facade of the contemporary home in Argentina with sweeping glass walls
Natural greenery around the house creates sheltered outdoor spaces
Study and sitting area of the house with lake views
Unabated lake views from the living space of the Buenos Aires home

Series of outdoor spaces and decks extend the living space outside and provide a wonderful gathering spot for friend and family. Comfortable outdoor furniture, a fully-equipped barbecue area and natural greenery complete this contemporary Argentine home. [Photography: Estudio Palma]

Exposed concrete and wood create the neutral backdrop inside the home
Large sheer curtains filter natural light into the multi-level interior
Multi-level interior of the house with study and sitting area above and the living space below
Ground floor design plan of Castores House by Dieguez Fridman
Upper level floor plan of modern Castores House in Buenos Aries

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