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Trail House: Multi-Level Green Home in Melbourne’s Suburb

We always love a house that is planet-friendly without going over the top in terms of both design and the green technology that it uses. Eco-friendly design is as much about smart planning and responding to the landscape as it is about new-age technology. Epitomizing this is the lovely Trail House set in the posh Melbourne suburb of Ashburton. This elegant, open and modern home designed by Zen Architects relies on passive solar design to cut back on energy consumption and carbon footprint of the structure. Keeping the house warm in winter months and cool during the summer, it is the form of the house that ends up being its biggest asset!

Contemporary eco-friendly home with a lovely garden

Beyond the passive solar design principles, a lovely garden and green landscape around the residence add to its sustainable style. Despite a modest street façade, the house opens up towards the rear and brings the outdoors inside. A multi-level arrangement of the rooms ensures that each space flows into the next as the living area exudes a cheerful, bright and contemporary vibe. Natural light permeates through to the lowest level of the house thanks to this spatial arrangement even as the stairwell with skylight above adds to this illuminated brilliance.

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Rear facade of the home opens up towards the garden
Light-filled split level interior of the Aussie home
Comfy window seat and daybed
Window seat with built-in storage for a large book collection
Wood brings warmth and textural contrast to the interior
Indoor green nook under the staircase

A neutral color palette, uncluttered arrangement of décor and generous use of wood along with other natural materials give the home a relaxing ambiance that complements its green credentials perfectly. An understated and exquisite Aussie home where less definitely feels like more! [Photography: Emma Cross]

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Sunlight brings warmth to the interior in winter months
Passive solar heating and cooling techniques cut back on energy needs of the home
Multiple levels allow each room to flow into next effortlessly
Lower ground floor plan of the Trail House
Ground floor plan of the Melbourne home
First floor plan of the Trail House

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