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Shrouded in Splendor: Idyllic Casa Chontay in Peru

As a nation, Peru is blessed with a landscape that leaves you mesmerized at every turn with stunning mountains, breathtaking valleys and an air of mysticism that seems to be epitomized by its rich heritage and renowned World Heritage sites. It is barely a surprise then that Casa Chontay, a modern retreat set in its rural countryside, is surrounded by an idyllic landscape that seems to not only define the silhouette of the residence, but also its style and ambiance. Nestled in a remote nook of Antioquia District, 25 miles southeast of Lima, the beautiful escape sits on top of a mountainous lot and offers a panoramic view of the distant river and mountains.

Organic design of Casa Chontay links it with the mountainous landscape

Designed by Marina Vella Arquitectos, sustainability and an ability to integrate with the natural backdrop were the key aspects that shaped Casa Chontay. A curved stone wall broken up by the presence of sleek, tall windows greets you here, even as the outdoor dining area and pergola leave a big impression. Instead of one large structure, the architects opted for two smaller volumes that make the most of the views on offer. The garden outside is filled with a variety of plants and lined with large stones, and it seems to unite and bind the two volumes, giving a sense of visual cohesion.

Idyllic retreat in the mountains of Peru - Casa Chontay

Magnificinet veiws of the landscape from Casa Chontay on a rural plot south-east of Lima

Earthen finishes and natural wood craft the interior of gorgeous home in Peru

Rustic modern kitchen of Casa Chontay

Natural materials and open deisgn connect the home with its scenic surroundings

Bedroom with stone accent wall and colorful bedding

Bunk bed room and landscape at Casa Chontay

While one of the two volumes holds the living room, kitchen and dining space, the other contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an attic and a terrace. The color palette inside the house is filled with earthen hues, with stone, adobe and cane dominating much of the setting, while the red grass sun roof outside seems to extend this ‘nature-centric’ theme. Uncomplicated in its design and responding to the unique demands of the countryside in which it sits, Casa Chontay manages to combine serenity and comfort with traditional construction techniques. [Photography: Gonzalo Cáceres Dancuart]

Outdoor dining space surrounded by a beautiful wall of greenery and fetauring an outdoor worktop

Design of the pergola structure in natural materials is erfect for the stone house

Curved stone wall presents a unqiue visual at Casa Chontay

Natural stone from the landscape used in building the beautiful home in Peru

Private residence in a rural landscape in in Antioquia District, Peru

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