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More is More: Making Maximalism Work in Your Space

Maximalism is a flashy style, composed of mixed patterns, rugs, wallpapers, paintings, and photos. This decor allows your personality and tastes to shine through much more brightly than in a minimalist space.

Source: A Flair for the Lair

It’s best to keep in mind when maxing out your decor at home that it is all about your unique taste. For lovers of eclectic design, maximalism is vital, and it makes it easy to flaunt things you love; art, decor, furniture, and different colors that all blend to create an elegant warmth.

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Source: The Spruce

The opposite of minimalism, maximalism can be summarized as “more.” This new-age style encourages and forces the eye to take in the whole room as one focal point that combines textures, colors, and patterns.

Rooms where maximalism looks best in the home

There are many ways to go big in your home. Here are some stunning rooms that prove more really is more.


When it comes to maximalist bedrooms, excess is always better. From the baby pink cushioned chairs to the colorful centered rug to the bold wallpaper, nothing is left out. The entire bedroom stands out.

Source: malinif


Though the bathroom is small, you can still make it look unique and full of personality. The colors are not all bold but have different tones.

Source: homestylemaguk

Living Room

The mixture of different colors was embraced to create a cheerful maximalist living room.

Source: sujkaint


There are lots of pink and green colors in this kitchen. It contains different shades and tones. Take a look at the flower vases and the pink leg planter — such a great find for the right personality.

Making Maximalism Home Decor Work
Source: mydaringdecor

The difference between maximalist and cluttered

The maximalist decor is different from a cluttered home.

Maximalist homes are filled to the brim with a wide range of furniture and decor, while cluttered homes are filled with furniture, decor, piles of clothes, and other random objects. This can lead to frustration and procrastination.

Making Maximalism Home Decor Work
Source: thesun

The remnants of family life can overwhelm if they’re not sorted regularly and put away, or the room could end up with what looks like a junkyard with piles of stuff everywhere. The picture below shows a cluttered kitchen. The one above is a before-and-after photo of a room that’s been organized.

Source: melissa

Keep the stuff you love; if you don’t love it, get rid of it because it’s just clutter.

Source: mydomain

Put away anything that is not essential in the room; otherwise, it can look messy.

Source: maximinte

The use of colors is important with this trend

Maximalism is based on the growing trend of putting great vivid colors to work and making your four walls the focal point of any room.

Here are some ways to make the most of the color trend.

Be expressive

Go with bold color combinations and exotic shades. If you want to adopt the trend, try combining vivid colors to create an eye-catching look.

Source: tumgri

Add white paint with your colors

Maximalism is impactful in a smaller space just as it is a large one. White is the best way to separate brighter and bolder shades.

Source: Livespace

Pair color with furnishings and botanicals

Contrasting colors will work well. Matching bright furniture and plenty of botanicals will help to round off your room and complete the look.

Source: knitching
Making Maximalism Home Decor Work
Source: misslolo

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