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Imposing Old Redwoods Surround this Modern Vacation Home in California

The coastal forests of Northern California with their amazing redwood trees are a natural wonder that attract tourists from all across the globe. It is in this stunning natural landscape that one finds the inviting and contemporary Loewinger Residence designed by Shevi Loewinger with the help of architect Ravit Kaplan. This beautiful vacation rental home is both classic and modern in its demeanor as its wooden exterior gives way to a contemporary interior. The design is essentially a blend of the traditional holiday cabin and the modern urban home; bringing together the best of the two contrasting structures.

Modern vacation rental home in California

It is a lot with a giant redwood in the rear yard and a fabulous forest all around in the idyllic village of Guerneville that is the setting for this unique holiday home. Cedar plays a major role in shaping the exterior of the house and its presence lends warmth, uniqueness and brings a traditional vibe to the retreat. Step inside and a neutral color palette using gray, white and black completely alters the visual and breezy modern ergonomics take over.

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Contemporary vacation rental home in California surrounded by redwood trees
Large and open wooden deck connects the home with the rear yard
Cedar walls give the deck a warm and inviting appeal
Cedar walls give the deck a warm and inviting appeal
Interior in neutral hues with a tilted wooden ceiling
Furniture adds to the modern appeal of the holiday cabin
Decor in black, white and gray enhances the neutral color palette
Minimal use of decor creates a relaxing atmosphere inside the vacation home

A titled wooden ceiling creates a progressively spacious living area on the lower level with a striking metallic staircase ushering in contemporary sculptural charm. Three bedrooms with bathrooms, a sleek kitchen, mezzanine level that offers brilliant views of the scenery outside and two expansive decks complete this Californian getaway that leaves minimal eco-impact. [Photography: Chad Mellon]

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Wooden ceiling brings warmth and textural contrast to the vacation home
Metallic staircase and titled ceiling inside the Californian home
Contemporary staircase stands out thanks to the neutral backdtrop
Martini side table in white from West Elm along with a cool table lamp
Modern bedroom in white with space-savvy design
Ergonomic kitchen workstation with a polished countertop
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