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Concealed in a Shroud of Green: Steeping into the Shelton Marshall Residence!

Presenting a wonderful contrast between the cleverly concealed and the undeniably obvious, Shelton Marshall Residence in Downtown neighborhood of Kansas City enthralls with its innovative design. In an urban landscape where greenery and privacy are increasingly hard to find, architects from El Dorado manage to unearth both these qualities with a home that seems hidden underground on one side and precariously floating above it on the other! Yet both these elements are carefully balanced as a cloak of green with transplanted prairie ecosystem on the roof and a wonderful garden adds the eco-sensitive tinge to this family residence.

Transplanted prairie ecosystem hides the underground public spaces

The entrance to the living area is through the fabulous roof garden and the central courtyard that sits 6 feet below ground. As you descend into this secure space, street noises and the sound of trains hurrying in the distance slowly starts to disappear. Both acoustically and visually, this common courtyard leading to the living area, kitchen and dining is carefully hidden from the boisterous world that surrounds it. Adding to this is the cedar cladding that filters out any remaining sounds to offer an inviting, modern and quiet living environment filled with tranquility.

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Stepping down into the central courtyard and the hidden public spaces
Stunning rooftop garden helps regulate temperature as well
Contemporary living room with Eames Lounger and a stylish bookshelf
Kitchen in white and blue on the lower level
Custom loft bed with study underneath for the kids’ bedroom
Modern bedroom in white and wood
Space-savvy loft bedroom idea

As you step into the house and move towards the smart bedrooms with bespoke loft beds and space-savvy furniture, you realize that on the other side sits a cantilevered structure that is engulfed in lush green canopy. It is natural daylight that offers necessary illumination during the day cutting back on energy needs even as a the steam shower and the Jacuzzi next to the rooftop garden complete a home that is as sensible as it is stylish [Photography: Mike Sinclair]

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Purple brings color and brightness to the neutral interior
Contemporary bathroom in white tiled walls
Natural greenery carefully cloaks family home
Street facade of Shelton Marshall House in Kansas City
Trees and a curated garden carefully hide the house from street view
Black exterior and glass doors shape a stylish Kansas City home
Floor plan of Shelton Marshall Residence

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