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Garú Apartment: Modern São Paulo Home in Wood and Concrete

Creating a relaxing and energizing living environment for a retired couple in Guarujá, Brazil, Estúdio BRA use both color and texture to transform a previously uninspiring apartment. With an area of just 96 square meters, the apartment does not really overwhelm you with sweeping spaces. It is for this reason that the architects opted for an open plan living that contains the new kitchen, dining and living area placed in a linear and uncomplicated manner. Different colors have been used for different rooms of the home to delineate space without putting in physical barriers.

Wooden wall in the living room makes a bold visual impact

The living room is clad largely in white with a wooden entertainment wall that also morphs to create custom décor. On the other side, the color palette is kept simple and neutral while the kitchen has a healthy splattering of blue along with wood. The dining space has a more minimal visual presence with a white backdrop and modern gray pendant lights. Each space inside the apartment flows into the next with wooden slats and concrete finishes providing textural contrast. [Photography: Maíra Acayaba]

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Open plan living area, kitchen and dining of the Brazilian apartment
Stylish hexagonal side tables and plant stands for the modern living space
Wooden slats on the walls give the interior warm ad inviting glow
Light-filled and elegant interior of the modern Brazilian apartment
Minimal and modern dining room in white with gray pendant lighting
Nightstand in white with a wooden top

The wood at the multifunctional furniture designed by the architects marks the interaction between living and dining room. The furniture is support for electronic appliances, drawers, bar and living sofa. Already at night that furniture works as a large lamp.

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Cozy and beautiful relaxation nook in the living room
Custom wooden furniture built into the walls of the home
Garu Apartment in Brazil
Innovative bathroom design maximizes space by utilizing corners
Kitchen backsplash in blue and white with 3D pattern
Blue and white give the modern kitchen a unique identity
Contemporary dining room in white next to the kitchen in blue and white

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