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An Organized Welcome: DIY Entryway benches with Space-Savvy Brilliance

First impressions are often the best and it is no different in case of your home. The entryway, no matter how small it is, can set the mood and the design palette for the rest of your house. It can create a space that is versatile, elegant and gives you ample room for shoes, coats and a comfy seat. Making all this and a whole lot more possible is the modern entryway bench. Benches in the entry come in a wide range of shapes and finishes and it is often the style of the room and the available space that define your choice. Giving you more design flexibility in this regards are DIY entryway benches that are both affordable and eco-friendly.

DIY wood and pipe entryway stand

Making your own bench for the mudroom or the entryway is not a project for everyone. It often involves working with wood and this does demand a certain level of crafting skill. Of course, you can start now and progressively get better at it. But we do suggest you consider the entire scope of the project before you get started. With that out of the way, here is a look at the best DIY entryway bench designs and an access to the respective step-by-step guides –

Minimal and Modern Benches

The simple wooden bench without any frills and storage options is the easiest to craft. It is also the one that fits into the modern or minimal entryway the best! These unassuming wooden benches offer the most basic form and ensure that even the smallest of entryways or mudrooms feels visually spacious and cheerful. Crafting them also requires far less DIY skill than the more versatile benches that you will find in the next section. If you want a little extra in terms of design, then the tufted and slim DIY bench takes things to the next level.

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Gorgeous and minimal entryway bench idea
Rustic and Easy DIY bench idea
Easy DIY Upholstered Bench

For Different Styles

Making sure that the bench fits into the style of the entryway is an essential aesthetic choice and one that simply cannot be overlooked. For the rustic entryway, the DIY Pallet bench is a fine addition that adds warmth and elegance to the space without going overboard. It also features a coat rack and storage space for shoes underneath the bench, making it a space-savvy addition. For the modern mudroom, a simple wooden bench with space for shoes underneath is the perfect fit. A white finish and a few baskets for additional storage can help create a perfect entryway or mudroom.

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DIY Pallet entryway bench with coat rack
Perfect DIY bench for the efficient modern entryway mudroom
DIY entry shoe storage bench idea

Upcycled Entryway Benches

As always, DIY ideas help you with recycling the old and upcycling the discarded, giving the dusty finds in basement or attic a new lease of life. A DIY bench made from wood pallets and an eclectic collection of reclaimed wooden boards feels both unique and colorful. It also adds character to the entry without altering its color scheme drastically. Old dressers also present you with a great option when it comes to upcycled benches and you can even incorporate plush seating into it, depending on the design of the original.

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Old dresser turned into a cool bench for the entryway
Reclaimed wood bench for the entryway
Dresser turned into a lovely entryway bench

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