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This Novel Prefab Austin Home was Built in Just 12 Months!

Prefabricated homes make life a lot easier for those looking to keep construction costs down, even while ensuring that much of the work is done offsite. But another advantage of prefab homes is the speed that they bring to the development of a new residence; something that simply cannot be matched by on-site designs. This modern Austin home was built by Aamodt / Plumb Architects in just a matter of 12 months from the initial idea being put in place, and while that might not sound all that ‘fast’, it is remarkably quick for a home of its size.

Prefab modern home in Austin, Texas

The 6000-square-foot home is filled with ample textural beauty and exudes a relaxed, modern ambiance that relies largely on the use of a neutral color scheme and wonderful natural ventilation. While the framing of the entire house was completed in no more than two weeks, the off-site development was complemented by parallel foundation work on the lot, ensuring that the building time was kept down to an absolute minimum. The fabulous use of timber in different rooms of the house is one of the many ingenious features of this Austin home that one would normally not come across in most other prefabs.

Modern Austin home with off-site fabricated roof, wall and floor panels

Entry and mud room with reclaimed timber wall

Fabulous use of timber adds texture to the smart prefab home

Gorgeous living room of Prefab Austin Home with stone accent wall and wooden walls

Modern kitchen of prefab home in Austin

Dark staircase gives the stairway visual contrast

Concrete creates a lovely vanity inside the bathroom

Split across two distinct wings, the design of this prefab clearly demarcates the public areas from the private ones, with the kitchen, living area and dining space on one level and the bedrooms and home studio on the other. Contemporary in its vibe and yet soothing, this is a smart residence that forces many out there to change their perception towards prefab homes… They can be as elegant and creative as any! [Photography: Casey Dunn]

Penny tiles and vintage sink for the modern bathroom

Fabulous use of reclaimed wood for the inviting modern bathroom

Covered walkway leads to the smart interior of the prefab home

Series of windows covered with wooden slats give the exterior a unique look

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