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Modern Office Supplies for a Productive Back-to-School Season

After the laid-back vibe of summer, fall is a time of productivity and getting back into the swing of things. Whether you’re a student or you’re simply trying to harness the energy that comes with cool, crisp days, let a new set of office supplies help you get motivated! Luckily there’s a new wave of modern selections that add sculptural style to your desk while getting the job done. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite selections. [below: the .ORG DESKSCAPE SYSTEM from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio]

.ORGDESKSCAPESYSTEM from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Keeping It Together

Looking to round up stray papers and supplies? Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference! Like these Brass Foldback Clips from Present & Correct, which are sold in a box of 10 and come in two sizes. Bonus points if you create modern art by cleverly arranging your office supplies:

Brass clips from Present & Correct

Present & Correct also offers a box of 20 Triangle Paperclips that help wrangle those loose papers…and may also make a great necklace if you string them together! Just a theory.

Gold triangle paperclips

Add some color to your stash of supplies with these Signal Clips, which feature a range of colors and forms. While each bag includes 10, here’s a look at all of the interesting clip possibilities:

Colorful signal clips from Present & Correct

From papers to pencils and pens, you can keep your writing utensils handy and organized with this Brass Pencil Holder from ferm LIVING. Constructed of solid brass with matte polish, this practical piece is a true work of art:

Brass pencil cups

‘Tis the season for pencil holders, and many of them are metallic. If you can’t decide on a gold, silver or copper finish, Anthropologie offers all three. Say hello to the Luster Trio Pencil Holder:

Trio of pencil holders from Anthropologie

A brassy tone on the outside and a mint green powdercoated finish on the inside give CB2’s Pilar Pencil Cup its unique look. This versatile piece can hold a range of items, from office supplies to makeup brushes:

Mint and brass pencil cup

For an alternative to metallics, go for marble (and geo forms) with Anthropologie’s Marblesque Desk Collection. Keep pens and tape in check while adding sculptural style to your desktop:

Marble desk collection

Sorting It Out

Got piles of clutter and paper on your desk? Time to sort it all out. There’s nothing like a new set of desk accessories to get you started! The Poppin collection from Anthropologie adds a hefty dose of blush to the mix, softening up your space while keeping it fresh and modern:

Poppin Collection from Anthropologie

We gave you a quick preview of the .ORG DESKSCAPE SYSTEM from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio at the top of the post, but now we’ll take a closer look! A collaboration between L&G Studio and Pat Kim, the system features materials such as solid wood, cork and metal. Create a modern supply-scape on the surface of your desk!

Desk system from L&G Studio

Zoning in on one module, we see how ridges help keep individual supplies in check. Bring on the rulers and pencils!

Zigzag desk module

Open compartments in the rectangular module below can hold small items such as paperclips and thumbtacks. Are you ready to sort?!

Sorting and organizing with L&G Studio

Who doesn’t love a good tray?! Not only do trays serve a practical function by helping hold, sort and separate items, they’re quickly becoming a desk accessory favorite. This Aluminum Tray from Present & Correct can make an impact alone, or you can purchase several and use them to sort/hold different categories of office supplies:

Metal tray for the office

ferm LIVING’s metal trays are crafted from perforated powdercoated metal, and they’re perfect for sorting and organizing desktop papers. They also come in a range of colors (as well as two different sizes). Aren’t we loving these on-trend hues?!

Office trays from ferm LIVING

Four triangles work together to sort and hold everything from mail to tablets with CB2’s Gilded File Holder:. This metallic geo piece is both functional and decorative:

File holder from CB2

What’s In Store(age)…

We end today’s post with an assortment of items that make storage easy and fun. In fact, we can’t take our eyes off this 4-Piece Deep Blue Acrylic Storage Box Set from Fred Segal (available at CB2). Note the subtle yet striking range of blue hues. Stunning!

Acrylic blue storage boxes

Storage boxes that you can stack?! Sign us up! Present & Correct makes it easy with their 4 Stacking Box Set. Keep desktop clutter and supplies behind closed doors…er, boxes. Choose from a range of color possibilities, as shown in the next two images:

Stacking storage boxes from Present & Correct
Colorful stacking boxes

Last but not least, free up desk space by storing magazines, notepads and other items on the wall. This Grid Brass Magazine Rack from CB2 makes wall storage easy and stylish. After all, a grid is involved! Iron wire is the material of choice:

Grid wall storage rack

Now who’s ready to tackle school, work and special projects head-on?! It’s amazing how a few new office supply purchases can get the ball rolling.

Kate Simmons

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