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Contemporary Abode in the Mountains with a Daringly Poised Design

A challenging site often produces the most spectacular of homes and ‘taking off’ from the edge of a mountain in Spain; Where Eagles Dare House epitomizes this in grand fashion. Designed by GRAS arquitectos and overlooking Mallorca from its amazing vantage point, this mesmerizing contemporary homme steals the show with a first level that seems to precariously extend outwards. It almost feels like the home is trying to fly off the edge of the mountain and the very sight of the fabulous infinity pool here leaves you amazed. With the city of Mallorca below and the sea in the distance, you feel liberated inside this minimal masterpiece.

Illuminated entrance to the contemporary home in Mallorca

The ground floor with its living area, kitchen and dining is carefully protected from harsh Mediterranean sun as the eye-catching first floor grabs all your attention. It is here that a relaxing and expansive deck, infinity pool and outdoor hangouts make a grand visual statement. Bedrooms on this level aim to provide sweeping, 360-degree views even as the traditional line between the outdoors and interior is completely blurred. The basement holds the garage, gym, small spa and guest room while glass walls provide protection without from the exterior. [Photography: José Hevia]

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Stunning view of the sea and the city below from the expansive deck
Rear facade of the contemporary home in Mallorca
First level deck and and infinity pool of Mallorca home
Sleek and polished contemporary kitchen in white
Multiple view points around the house help in providing 360 degree views

The garden design is based on the traditional Mallorcan terracing strategy due to the extreme slope. Different levels, “Bancales” are created using the local stone. Olive trees, rosemary, lavender and other local plants are planted. Paths are created between the different levels and small plazas, terraces become great viewpoints to enjoy the views.

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Mediterranean style garden around the Mallorca home
Street view of the Where Eagles Dare House
Beautiful Mediterranean garden surrounds the minimal contemporary house
Contemporary home on hill top in Mallorca
Filtered sunlight reaches the lower levels of the stunning contemporary Spanish home

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