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A World of Color and Creative Design: Modern Industrial Office in Armenia

It is easy to fall into the trap of decorating an office space with understated grays, unassuming neutrals and plenty of white. It is a trend that was cemented by the ‘cubicle culture’ of the 90s, and even though the tech giants of today have tried their absolute best to break it, many offices still seem sterile and uninspiring. But that is definitely not the case with the striking and delightful BigBek Office designed by SNKH Architectural Studio in Armenia. Built for a software development firm in Yerevan, this remarkable office is filled with color that not only fills the space with cheerful elegance, but also delineates different spaces in a clear and unmistakable manner.

Innovative office in Armenia is filled with color and industrial flair

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The bright yellow of the kitchen is the one that shouts out the most and yet seems the most alluring. It is a color that ushers in sunny radiance and gives the office a smart, modern appeal. The industrial bones of the old structure that was once an automotive factory are kept intact, and the new concrete slabs elevate this industrial beauty. Dazzling LED lighting completes an office that is inspiring, fun, playful and simply outstanding in every sense of the word. [Photography: Sona Manukyan & Ani Avagyan]

Bright and bold pink creates a vivacious conference room for the modern office

Chalkboard wall in black for the creative zone in the office

Colorful modern office space design

Elegant and exclusive industrial office design in Armenia

Ingenious office kitchen design in yellow

Office kitchen in bright yellow with industrial style

Sculptural furniture gives the home office a more industrial vibe with modern touch

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Armstrong’s linoleum flooring had a big impact on the final result of the project as it gave us freedom to implement our primary ideas in this interior. We found all the needed colors for the division of different zones of the interior as we envisioned it. The technical characteristics of the material and its durability are satisfying for commercial use.

Bright maroon adds to the glitz and glam of the home office

Colorful and industrial office space in Armenia

Brilliant LED lighting gives the office a dashing aura

Creative and colorful office designfor software development firm BigBek

Floor plan of innovative office space in Armenia

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