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Diesel Open Workshop: Functional Balance Between Industrial and Modern!

If you loved the Diesel Social Kitchen that we shared with our readers some time back, then you are bound to fall in love with the Diesel Open Workshop even more! The new kitchen design from Diesel along with Scavolini combines modern aesthetics, the ideas of an inviting social kitchen with smart and lasting industrial elements that enhance its functionality. With a modern-industrial style that leans more heavily towards the former, these kitchens fit in effortlessly in a wide range of spaces and can embrace different decorating themes with ease. Much like the Diesel Open Workshop bathrooms, modularity is the key in here.

Modern industrial kitchen design from Diesel

Capturing the simplicity of industrial design and blending it with modern minimalism, it is the use of stylish Steel tubes throughout the kitchen for shelving units that makes these spaces even more unique. This use of steel also gives homeowners a common element that links the kitchen with the dining area and living space next to it in an open plan setting. These shelves and cabinets can be repeated with ease depending on your personal needs and the space available to create a kitchen that serves you efficiently even while saving space.

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Mineral green version of the Diesel Open Workshop kitchen
Modular and simple cooking areas in the kitchen offer ease of functioning
Steel tube shelving adds industrial element to the modern kitchen
Steel tubes and wooden shelves create cool modular shelving inside the kitchen
Stock Rack System connects the living room with the kitchen visually

Just like a workshop, the kitchen consists of several functional areas with various languages and materials. Inspiration plays the starring role; not just in the elements which characterize the design, but in the very essence of the project: the strict alternating blocks and voids, the painstaking care for details, the pursuit of the perfect materials make this a “simple” design, yet concurrently an absolutely mesmerizing vision.

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White and gray modern industrial kitchen idea
Glass and aluminum cabinets used in the kitchen give it a breezy, modern appeal
Minimal and modern industrial kitchen from Diesel and Scavolini

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