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This Dream Urban House in Hong Kong has a Glorious Transparent Garage!

If you are an avid auto enthusiast and you have a breathtakingly beautiful Lamborghini in white sitting around, the natural inclination is to showcase it with a touch of pomp. (That is, besides putting foot to pedal and letting it race ahead!) It is barely any wonder then that the owner of this sophisticated contemporary home in Hong Kong wanted his dream machine to be the focus of a pristine white interior. Designed by Millimeter Interior Design, House in Hong Kong has a transparent garage that ends up being the showstopper of its polished and cheerful setting. Beyond the car and the garage, it is a world full of white and glass.

Modern Hong Kong home with a transparent garage

Minimalism is a key element in the design of this urban home where bright and bold colors seem almost non-existent. There is a monochromatic, white backdrop and it feels like a beautiful, empty canvas where life and the specific interest of the homeowner take center stage. It is wooden flooring that gives warmth to the stoic interior while glass walls allow for free passage of natural light. The first signs of color come in the form the lush green tree at the heart of the courtyard filled with river stones and concrete stepping stones.

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Stylish interior of the contemporary home in Hong Kong
Transparent garage of the Hong Kong showcases proudly the homeowner’s car
Kitchen and dining space of the contemporary home in Hong Kong
Minimal and polished interior of the Hong Kong home
White and refined home office with ample shelving and storage space
Bedroom and home office rolled into one

The upper level is no different with a master bedroom and home office also drenched in more white. The color palette, infusion of natural light and just the minimal presence of the seamless backdrop give the home spacious and serene vibe.

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Metallic finishes along with white inside the modern kitchen
Minimal and bright central courtyard of the modern Hong Kong home
Polished bathroom of the modern home in white
River stones and stepping stone create a lovely courtyard
Simple staircase design allows the garage to stand out visually
Sweeping wooden deck and outdoor hangout of House in Hong Kong
LED lighting and clever, space-savvy shelving inside the home office
Master bedroom and bathroom in white with wooden flooring

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