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Ro House: Stunning Series of Covered Terraces Usher in Green Freshness

Pachuca is the largest city of the Mexican state of Hidalgo and is set in a small valley surrounded by picturesque mountains on all sides. It is these unique geographical conditions that end up shaping the breathtakingly beautiful Ro House and its exceptional series of covered terraces. Chilly mountain air descends down to the valley from the lofty peaks each afternoon, turning the prospect of an open, outdoor garden into an impossibility. To get around this problem Aarón Carrillo Díaz decided to bring the greenery indoors along with the sight of the open sky and plenty of natural light and sweeping terraces.

Living area of the Ro House connected with the double-height covered patio next to it

Each volume of the house slowly and effortlessly flows into the covered terrace next to it as the green spaces bridge the kitchen and dining with the living area. Large glass domes cover each of the terraces and keep out the cold wind even as one enjoys warmth and sunshine without having to venture outdoors. The steel and glass roof of the terraces stands in contrast to the more stoic sight of concrete walls and ceiling of the living area, kitchen and dining. One is soon left wondering whether one is indoors or outside thanks to the creative design that blurs traditional boundaries!

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Private street facade of the Ro House
Concrete, metal and glass create a stunning and eco-sensitive Mexican home
Exposed concrete gives the interior a stylish, contemporary look
Innovative design of the wooden ceiling steals the show here
Polished modern kitchen in white with dark wooden cabinets and breakfast bench
Stone wall separates the dining area from the family space
Series of skylights bring natural light into the large, sweeping living area

At the far end lies the third volume of the house that contains the patio along with a double height glass dome that aids in air circulation. Large indoor plants, a pebble garden and spacious gathering zones complete the lower level with the second floor containing the bedrooms and other private spaces. A perfect interaction of indoor and outdoor design elements draped in a glassy sheen! [Photography: Pablo García Figueroa]

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Dining area has an open airy appeal thanks to the two covered terraces next to it
Glass domes and ceilings keep out cold winds and create green spaces inside the RO House
Double height glass dome brings ventilation into the contemporary home
Expansive covered terrace with glass roof connects the living area with kitchen and dining
Street facade of the Mexican House keeps out cold winds from the mountains
Lower level floor plan of smart Mexican home
Second level floor plan with bedrooms

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