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Nifty Modern House in Wisconsin Blends in with Dense Forest Landscape

When brilliant architecture meets a breathtaking natural landscape, the result is often a dream home that not only offers you a window into an exotic and relaxing world, but also creates a dwelling that seems like an extension of the scenery that surrounds it. Nestled on the eastern shore of Door County in Wisconsin, the Pleated House is one such masterpiece that blurs the line between the interior and outdoors without relying on a series of large glass doors and windows. Designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects, the dark exterior of the house has a distinct contemporary vibe and yet allows it to disappear into the densely forested backdrop as the day wears on.

Vegetated roof and charred cedar siding shape the majority of the home's exterior

The distinct exterior of the home is achieved using charred cedar siding and dark-anodized aluminum, allowing the Pleated House to interact with the changing light and shadows that are caused by the forest that engulfs it. Add to it a gorgeous green roof, and the connection between the forest and the house is complete! With a low-slung design and smart, sliding glass doors, one finds the transition from the exterior to the living space almost seamless, and a large concrete patio makes this an even more effortless affair. A carefully curated and stacked wall of milled lumber finished with glossy varnish shapes the entrance, giving the residence a fabulous, fun architectural feature.

The lower level of the house holds an open plan living space with an elegant, sculptural staircase leading to the master bedroom on the top level. Contrary to the image outside, these spacious rooms are clad in light, neutral hues with white becoming the color of choice. An idyllic retreat for nature-lovers!

Green roof lets the home blend in with its forested backdrop

Gently sunken patio and concrete bench create a smart outdoor living area

Pleated House surrounded by dense vegetation in a narrow peninsula on Lake Michigan

Concrete patio around the beautiful forest house with sliding glass doors

Milled lumber with glossy finish stacked at different angles to create an inimitable entry

Carefully designed and shiny wall of milled lumber welcomes you at the Pleated House

Echoing the visual depth and surface oscillations of bark covering the trunks of trees, the charred wood boards were installed over furring strips of varying depths to form a gently folding, undulating building skin, not unlike a pleated curtain – a meandering and highly faceted veil that wraps the house and replaces what could have been a conventional, sharply defined perimeter…

View of the dense vegetation outside from the open living area

Fabulous and stylish staircase design supported by metal rods

Delicate and sculptural staircase leads to the master bedroom on the top level overlooking the forest

Gorgeous charred cedar siding allows the home to disspear into the forest at night

Entrance to the elegant and relaxing Pleated House

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